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5 Ways to Use Twitter for Magento Imagine 2016



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Magento Imagine is nearby and there are hardly a few days to prepare. If you already have done registration for the event, you already know what to look for. But if you are a first time visitor to this event, get well prepared because there are a load of things to do, learn and enjoy. Complete your registrations before all seats are booked out, and do not forget your hotel bookings. With so many Magento lovers, businessmen and enthusiasts attending this event it is going to be a tough call if you do not have a place to stay for the entire 4 days.

Starting from the pre-Imagine event to the end of Imagine Magento Commerce, you are going to do a lot of running. Get comfortable shoes and attires to take you throughout the days. Do not worry about the food and drink as they would be laid out for you. If you have checked the agenda of the event, you know there are going to be some serious discussions so stay updated on the topics. Magento Imagine will also have fun filled events and parties as well so do not worry about getting all serious. In this entire event the best thing that you are going to enjoy is the network that you build. You would come across some very interesting and intelligent people who share your thought process and preferences. Magento Imagine Commerce is an event of a life time and you make some very good friends, some good business clients and learn a lot.

Now since you are already going to be present for the event it is essential that you use social media to the fullest. Twitter, for example, is a great tool that will help you blend, socialize and update the event. As Twitter uses only 140 characters you can say a lot with just few words or pictures amidst your busy schedule. You can use this popular micro-blogging site to enhance your experience of the conference. Here are 5 ways you can use Twitter for the Magento Imagine 2016 Conference.

Share What You Learn

Sharing is an interesting way to communicate and learn. If you are learning something new on the conference, share it on Twitter. Not only people not attending the event will be thankful but this way you get to learn several other things related to what you have learnt. Moreover, when you live tweet you create more engagements. Quote speakers and facts that are presented in the event. Use tags such as #MagentoImagine to help people reach you.

Schedule Tweet-Ups

Tweet-ups are face-to-face meetings set up via Twitter. Schedule tweet-ups and organize get together for breakfast, coffee, lunch or late-night festivities.  People will very interested in these meet ups and needless saying, your viewers engagement will increase by a lot.

Tweet About Your Meetings

While you are at the conference, you are bound to have meetings or even face to face conversations with people, maybe even the speakers. Tweet about these meetings and your excitement awaiting the meeting. Do not forget to tag the event and people involved in the conversation or meeting. By doing this you will grab the attention o the other person while keeping your followers tuned to the Magento Imagine experience.

Tweet Your Reactions

Interact with attendees of the event and the speakers before, during and after sessions. Tweet about how you were feeling about the entire meeting or the session. Tweet questions about the sessions to attendees or inquire what people thought about the session updates that you shared. We are pretty sure; you will get ample responses for your tweets and generous contribution. Magento Imagine is an event everyone wants to attend; your tweets will aid people who couldn’t make it to the event for various reasons.

Thanking Speakers

After attending the event and sessions, it is necessary that you address thank you tweets to the speakers, the hotel, the coordinators and any person who has helped you in the event. When mention them on the tweets they not only get to see what you wrote but also develop attention towards you. By starting with this practice after the event, you get to build a slow and steady relationship with these influencers to boost your twitter profile and your business.

Get, Set, Go

Magento Imagine is scheduled for the 11th of April and it is a 3 days event, however if you are also taking part in the pre-imagine bash, then there are 4 days of fun and learning to look up to. Like every year, Magento Imagine 2016 will discuss important products, launches that will benefits developers and businesses using Magento all across the globe. Special attention will be given to Magento 2.0, the recent launch. Get your Magento skills brushed as there will be contests and tests to check your understanding and skills about the platform. In middle of all this, do not forget to make use of Twitter and share the event, your experience and the latest news with everyone.

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5 Ways to Use Twitter for Magento Imagine 2016