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6 Reasons Why Do You Need A Responsive Website Design?



There was a time in the past, when companies did not have a website. Then, boom! Internet hit the scene, and the world saw a quick mass-movement toward marketing business online.  People changed their marketing approach. Why did they change? Because having a web presence became the standard. Everyone was on the internet, so if you weren’t, you were losing a lot of business to your competitors present online.  The same history repeated itself when Smartphones came to existence.  The huge range of mobility and multi-devices and cloud-based applications made internet far reachable. Google made it clear that websites needed to be responsive to attract visibility.

Even after so many months of Google releasing updates, some companies still think they are better off without using any mobile friendly site. Despite the fact that 31% of global internet page views occur on mobile devices, 88.2% of websites do not follow the pattern of responsive web designs. To get ahead, it is necessary that you make your business website responsive immediately.

How the Theory of Responsiveness Came to Existence

In a very simple world, you need two things to make a website- HTML and CSS. HTML is the walls of your house, while CSS are the things of a house that gives it its looks and charms. Before mobile internet came into existence, designers and developers use to apply these two elements to make a website for the desktop. With the launch of first mobile browsers users experienced, few ugly mobile browsing glitches. Eventually, the world demanded better experience, so developers started creating separate website hosted on separate addresses for mobiles.  So developers and designers created separate HTML and CSS for desktops and all other mobile devices, making their work time-consuming and tough. To make things easier responsive design came to existence. Responsive design offered the advantage of using the same HTML and CSS for a website viewed on any device. With Google’s view of mobile SEO, responsiveness gained more importance. Today it is one of the primary factor for smooth user experience, good search engine rankings, and many more such functionalities.

Benefits of a Responsive Design                                                                               

Irrespective to say, responsive websites offer several advantages that make it a vital feature for all business and non-professional websites that needs immediate implementation. But why would you spend money and design a responsive website for your brand. Here are a few reasons why you should:

Mobile Usage Explosion

According to Smart Insights, 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, 10.16% are opened on tablets. 61% of people with good mobile experience gave positive reviews about ecommerce brands. 60% of local searches are performed through mobile phones. When people are using mobile phones for doing most of their tasks, why not adapt to a design that will make the viewing experience better.

Google Recommends

Google dominates 67% global search market and with that huge number, it is not possible for any business to ignore what Google says, if they plan to become visible through Google’s search engine. Google refers to responsive web designs as its recommended mobile configuration. They also state that it is the best industry practice for attaining search engine rankings. Responsive websites have the same URL, same HTML, same designs for a single website, this makes it easy for Google to crawl, index and then organize the content. Moreover, as responsive websites have one URL, it becomes easy for users to easily relate to, share and interact with the site.

One Website, Several Devices

The most appealing aspect of responsive web design is that a responsive website can render great user experience across several devices with different screen sizes. This is a very important factor as it is not possible to anticipate all devices with their screen sizes. Take for example, you watch a product on your mobile at office, when you reach home, you see the same item on your desktop. As the design of the site is dedicated, you enjoy the same experience of viewing and browsing as you do on your mobile, making it smooth and user-friendly. As customers enjoy a better experience, they return to the site.

Easy to Manage

When you have two separate websites explaining the same range of services and products, it becomes difficult to manage both. You have a mobile website, a desktop website to maintain, and two different SEO campaigns for each website. A responsive website allows you to manage only one website and one SEO campaign for the same website that works perfectly on all devices. Keywords that relate to mobile website can be easily implemented on these sites for beneficial results.

For The Future

Innovation is the path to future. As time passes, more innovation will lead to the creation of new devices. We started with huge screens that slowly and steadily became more compact and lighter. In the near future, several such innovative devices with varied screen sizes will come to existence. As responsive web design adapts to any screen size, it will adapt to any screen size in the future too. So, once you make your device responsive now, you do not have to change it again and again, the website will do it for itself.

A Speedy Solution

Google PageSpeed Developers standard recommends that a content on a mobile device loads in under 1 second and the entire page loads under 2 seconds. The load time in desktops is quite different, so when users wait too long for a page to load, the bounce rate of the site increases. Nevertheless, a responsive web layout ensures that the loading time and page speed remains fast based on the device screen size. Google supplies a tool that can check your page speed. Use it to know more.

Electrical Best Buy & Responsiveness

Electrical Best Buy is the transition company of Mohan Group that started its operation as a one-man organization since 1967.  The company is known to be one of the largest distributors of electrical products in India. Mohan Group chose Rasbor as its transition partner.  Since the company was moving to the digital field for the first time, everything needed to be done from the scratch. Responsiveness was a part of this venture that we, Rasbor, successfully completed. Our dedicated team of professional developers ensured that the online store has a pleasant and engaging view across all devices. In addition, we implemented designing items that would take less time to load and would give ample information about the products to customers. We implemented HTML, CSS, JQuery and Ajax to ensure the site enjoys the benefits of responsiveness.


Responsive web design has several benefits that guarantee a great user experience across all devices, it also makes managing SEOcampaigns easy. Have you already implemented responsive designs? Do you plan to implement it now? What do you think about responsive design? Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter page.

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6 Reasons Why Do You Need A Responsive Website Design?