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An Analysis of 2016 Ecommerce Platforms



As ecommerce develops steadily with its new branches and store, the market of ecommerce platforms is also embracing change constantly. Some platforms have declined over the years while others have risen and attained special heights. This fluctuation has gradually changed the entire ecommerce environment and transformed market structure. Aheadworks have accumulated data and performed research regarding the platform shares dynamics, which allows describing the ecommerce platforms market scene and forecasting for future evolution. Platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, and osCommerce is taken into consideration in this study.

There are three main trending tendencies of the ecommerce platforms- stable shares, increasing share and decreasing share. While Prestashop and Magento are on the steady side, stable in saving their market shares through the years, WooCommerce and Shopify move to rise in the market. However, WooCommerce is seen to gradually slow down and exhaust its growth potential.  Ecommerce platforms like Zen Cart, VirtueMart, and osCommerce decline with time slightly reducing their deceleration.

So, why are the top companies top and maintaining their stability while the others rise and fall in the graph of the changing ecommerce market?

 E-platform Profile Analysis

Taking data and details from Alexa 1 million top web site selections, here are a few insightful details and analysis to know the trends and the best platform best suited for the rapidly transforming online commerce industry.

By Languages

English is the most popular language, the study reveals 59% of online merchants use English as the main language in their stores. Spanish is the second choice with 8% preference and French follows with 7% share. According to the study, Shopify based stores use only English and no other languages. WooCommerce is the most diversified platform by the number of languages they have utilized, but English still prevails in all the platforms.  Magento mainly uses English. However, PrestaShop  platform is being seen as the store where owners likely come from non-English speaking countries, with French and Spanish dominating, German not lagging far behind.

By Countries

When analyzed as per countries, it was noticed that Shopify’s structure by countries consists of English speaking countries except India. Indian merchants too preferred English in their stores, as the language is widely used across the nation. Magento Community Edition has the widest geography and although US takes only 14% of all Magento CE shares, the US entrepreneurs are the most active players of the ecommerce market dominating across all platforms. Nevertheless, this trend is not visible in PrestaShop. Prestashop is more of European ecommerce software with 70% of its store located in Europe.

By Product Segment

There is an ecommerce store for every domain and in order to better understand the popularity of each store based on the various product segment stores it offers popular products have been taken into consideration. Based on the various types of product segment the data can be very confusing, however, the results were simple. Clothing and accessories stores are dominant across all platforms, especially Shopify. Electronics is next, but other product shares differ greatly. The only standard thing is Magento EE, Shopify, PrestaShop and Magento CE sell mostly tangible products, while WooCommerce hosts information and consultancy store.


It can be clearly understood and concluded that Shopify takes the lowest price segment and is used mostly in English speaking countries, especially US. PrestaShop is popular in Europe and utilizes several European languages. WooCommerce sells intangible products and most stores hosted there are in English. Magento Enterprise and Community edition is popular among English speaking countries and merchants. Magento CE is the most diversified platform among all categories and types.

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An Analysis of 2016 Ecommerce Platforms