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Benefits of Dashboard for Buyers and Sellers



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A Dashboard is a comprehendible summary and a single page analysis of various information. The information presented in the dashboard varies from user to user. A seller has a different dashboard than a buyer in an e-commerce store. A dashboard is not only visually appealing but it is also a perfect strategy in aiding organizations with their communications, monitoring and delivery management. In simple terms, Dashboard represents a collection of reports, all in one page, with interesting graphics and colors. It also includes item description, tracking ids and several other information based on the industry. The information in the dashboard contains high-level summary rather than detail transaction report. However, in case of buyers, detail transactions reports are also present for reference.

The dashboard is the first interface for information that a buyer and a seller can refer to when in doubt. It is a very productive tool to the end user for their analysis. Based on industry, the dashboard can monitor revenue, loss, profit, growth, monitor employee activity, monitor system activity, check inventory levels, warehouse and item information. It can also monitor inventory levels, warehouse data, item information, orders and more. The right dashboard can revolutionize the success and enjoyment one needs in running a business.

6 Crucial Benefits of a Dashboard

In order to understand, how a dashboard can prove to be a fruitful tool for buyers and sellers of an e-commerce store, let us see a few crucial benefits that a Dashboard offers:

Complete Visibility into Business

With a dashboard, you would know exactly what is going on in the business at all times. You know what is working in the business and what is not. For example, your dashboard would show a direct count of your inventory. It should inform you about the stock and items in the inventory that needs replenishment. With a simple click, you can see the details and fulfill the inventory as fast as possible to ensure that no orders are cancelled or delayed. When important data such as this is easily available to you, managing your business becomes much quick and easy.

Big Time Savings

Every company has staff creating so many data reports in Excel or on other spreadsheet programs. Not only are these reports huge in number, but they are not purely accurate. Moreover, each data takes a lot of time to collate and then transform to a report. As a owner, you not only waste money but also time while creating the report. Instead, uploading a data once in a dashboard can prove to be very helpful. Not only the data becomes accurate, but updating it becomes a cakewalk. Once the data is in the dashboard, it is easy for you, as the seller, to coordinate with departments and provide accurate information to customers. Your labor cost is reduced and so is the time consumption.

Better and Improved Results

According to Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy,

“Measure everything of significance. Anything that is measured and watched, improves.”

When you see the key metrics that determine the uplift or downfall of your business in the dashboard, you start improving your results intuitively. As your performance improves, the dashboard automatically updates the data and you can understand the current state of your business. Any red signs and you automatically turn your attention to it and start improvising. For buyers, organized dashboard often presents a positive view about the company. With readily available information, users can buy more, thus increasing the sales for the seller.

Increased Productivity and Profits

Dashboards allow you to measure performance in numbers. So when you can measure it through numbers, you naturally work hard and improve performance where it lacks. When you know which areas to focus, your business improves. Conversely, your competitors lack this knowledge and thus spend their time in working in wrong areas. A simple dashboard installation can make all this huge difference to your business.

Customer Service Cost Reduced

An e-commerce business should have a customer service unit to answer to the queries of every customer and potential customer. However, the cost of maintaining a customer service department is huge. In addition, customers often call for simple reasons that can be addressed without a long queue on the service number. Here Dashboard proves to be a very healthy tool. The dashboard shows details of current orders, past orders, tracking ids, return methods, and several other parameters of individual customers. These data addresses to all the queries of the customer when she simply logins to her account for the site.

Anywhere Access

Most dashboards are programmed to suit Smartphones. Users can access their dashboard from any mobile device. Hence, data can be accessed from anywhere, making efficient order fulfillment, easier business management, and quick response to issues and opportunities.

Implementing Dashboards For Electrical Best Buy

We at Rasbor, created a Supplier Dashboard and a Customer Dashboard for our client Electrical Best Buy. Each dashboard was unique in its content and included information that the respective users would find extremely helpful. For the Supplier Dashboard, we designed an interface that allowed suppliers to keep track of purchase orders, product status and orders that required action. We also implemented several other details. In this dashboard, suppliers can add products and update category.

The Customer Dashboard interface was designed keeping in mind the requirements of a customer. Here, customers can manage their account information, billing address, give product reviews, track orders and see reward points availed after purchase. The reward points that customers earn can be redeemed to avail discount for any purchase. Rasbor not only developed this feature but also included it on the ecommerce platform. In addition, My Wallet feature is also added to the dashboard so that customers can use any credited cash to the dashboard for making purchase.


Dashboards are best tool for communication, strategy planning, and performance improvement. Based on the user using the Dashboard, it can be used to resolve queries, fulfill orders and do more in the ecommerce sector. Nevertheless, the benefits of a dashboard are not limited to e-commerce industry. It can be implemented by any other industry owning a website and an admin panel. If you have not implemented a dashboard, it is time to implement it now.

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Benefits of Dashboard for Buyers and Sellers