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Blasphemous Mistakes Ecommerce Merchants Make With Mobile Commerce



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Mobile shopping accounts for more than 50% of online purchases, hence it’s quite obvious that mobile commerce is huge and with time it’s only getting bigger. Mobile devices are used regularly for making online purchases, thus leading to a growth in ecommerce. Owing to such changes and fast aced development of mobile commerce several businesses makes certain mistakes which they are unaware of. These mistakes can cost the company more than expected and lead to m-commerce failure or them.

It is essential that you should know about these problems identify them in your business and rectify them without wasting any time. Here are few thoughts that will help you understand where you are going wrong and what are you doing wrong in mobile commerce.

Plenty of Time to Work

Yes there is plenty of time but to wok and fix the problems out. However, you do not have time for putting off mobile optimization. It is time you need to understand how mobile commerce fits into the overall commerce picture and take actions. Just because you do not understand mobile commerce does not mean you have to keep putting it off. Mobile commerce helps you gain more customers, reach them quickly, serve their desire to get things now and also retain them. So when you have time, have it only to make necessary mobile commerce change.

Only Youngsters Shop on Mobile

It is quite logical to think that young shoppers have adopted mobile commerce, but to think that it is only them using this form of shopping is a grave mistake. The truth is, about quarter of mobile shoppers are over the age of 55. So can you afford to refuse sale to 25% of your most loyal shoppers.  Without adopting mobile commerce you may be just doing that. Regardless of the age target for your business, a mobile commerce solution is essential and vital. Yes, young shoppers will use mobile to make purchases but they are not the only one. A mobile app a mobile friendly website is a necessity that cannot be avoided further. Assuming the target audience for mobile shopping incorrectly is a great failure for your business in the future.

Mobile Commerce & Ecommerce Are Not Different

If you consider m-commerce as something different and low than ecommerce then you are wrong. Having such a notion in itself is dangerous for your business. If mobile commerce is not a viable channel for shoppers according to you, then you have not considered the navigation functional and payment needs of your website. If you have such viewpoints then we are sure you have different employees to perform different jobs for mobile and ecommerce separately, whereas these people should be working together to offer a seamless experience to buyers.

Mobile shopping must be an integral part of your business, whether you own a physical store or an online one.  Mobile marketing is an important plays a vital role in decision making for buyers, and you should not interrupt that process for anything. So optimize your website for mobile and create a mobile commerce app today!

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Blasphemous Mistakes Ecommerce Merchants Make With Mobile Commerce