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Designa Extension – Web to Print Design Tool for Magento



Businesses today requires something unique and different that will help them to stand out amidst the multitude of similar businesses online. The ecommerce customers are always eager and always looking for the one extra feature, or benefit that a website offers which help them to make proper buying decisions. Keeping updated with the current market trends and scenarios we came to understand that extensions or tools offering extra features to an ecommerce site is vital. Rasbor offers an array of useful tool or extensions for Magent enabled websites that add an edge to the e-shopping experience. One such extension is our product Designa.

Designa is a Rasbor product, it is an extension that adds flexibility in designing and leverages the creative work that is sometimes needed in an ecommerce store for better business. This tool allows your customer to create their own design before they make a purchase. Designa is a perfect extension for Magento powered online stores that offer customers a firsthand customization feature.

The new generation of millennial shoppers is always ready for a change, and in this readiness they are eager to try new.  Keeping the needs and trends of our millennial customers, we have designed Designa to complete a custom shopping experience. Here are a few things you need to know about the product.

Designa comes with some very interesting and effective features that make working with it easier for customers. As the admin, you get the flexibility to add a customization option of your product and service conveniently. Some of the excellent features we offer on our extension Designa are:

  • Users can modify the base image by adding shapes, text, clipart, etc.
  • Mobile friendly and highly responsive for anywhere use.
  • Fully integrated with Magento, so compatibility issues.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Do business smartly by charging the customization cost to buyers on per text or image object.
  • Admin can restrict product personalization area for customers.

5 Reasons To Choose This Extension             

There are several benefits that this tool offers, each of them perfectly suitable for any ecommerce website that delivers customized products and services. However, the top five benefits that are also the primary reason to choose the extension are:

  • Attain more satisfied customer with personalized service.
  • Adds a personal touch, which improves lead time and conversion rate is increased
  • Happy customers Increases the customer traffic on your website.
  • Improves sales and revenue due to more customer visits.
  • Customers can preview the end product in a way they want.

5 Reasons Why Customers Will Love It

As much as the extension is beneficial for your business, it is also a good feature that your customers would surely enjoy.

  • The size of the design can be modified.
  • Wide range of color options and design options available.
  • Customers can upload own images.
  • Easy retrieval of saved design.
  • A quick preview of the product after customization before order.


Designa as an extension leverages the creative aspects of a Magento enabled site. It includes and boosts the feature of an ecommerce website by lending it an experience and feel of customization. We have implemented Designa for several of our clients with satisfactory results. If you want something special, edgy and creative for your website, contact us today!

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Designa Extension – Web to Print Design Tool for Magento