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Direct Carrier Billing- The Upcoming & Popular Billing Choice



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Mobile phones are the most important and single most important technology that is used by everyone. It is one piece of technology that everyone can afford and hence owns it. Nowadays, mobiles are used not just for making calls or receiving sms’ but more. From booking cabs to reading books, playing high-end games to shopping groceries, mobiles phones are the latest companions of people. As mobile phones have become the preferable mode for payment, life has become easy for everyone.

“For hundreds of millions of people, mobile phones are not just their first computer but their first electrical device of any kind” — Benedict Evans

Direct Carrier Billing, as we know is the method used for mobile payments. This convenient process enables you to pay via carrier integration, which is also one of the best and hassle free ways for micro payment. Through this method, millions of carrier subscribers are able to make electronic payment via carrier billing even without having a bank account. With Direct Carrier Billing, you do not have to register as you do for credit cards, just a simple process of paying without losing time. A decade ago, this method was not welcomed as people were confused about the mode of payment and the security involved with it. However, with time and advancement they realized the level of security for this process is much more and the process is far easier than any other mode of payment.

Direct Carrier Billing- What Is It?

Carrier billing is a process of billing that happens directly onto the customer’s phone bill. With Direct Carrier Billing, telecommunication companies leverage the existing relationship and billing trust with mobile users to offer a frictionless one-click payment experience. A convenient process, DCB help in avoiding card related security concerns. Carrier billing is a simple one-click payment with additional confirmation from the consumer. The process is simple to use, any person who has already used this method, find it to be effortless and one of the easiest methods to make payments for digital goods and services. Due to the vast reach and high accessibility, Direct Carrier Billing has been quite successful. As more and more people are being acclimatized with this form of billing, the future for DCB seems very bright.

How Carrier Billing Works

A developer submits an inquiry to any telecom. The telecom will then provide him the access to the company’s carrier billing SDK. The API that the developer receives gives him an API access to integrate their app to a user MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network number). This process then enables the developer’s app to identify the MSISDN to ensure that the correct person is identified and billed for the right digital content consumption. The telecom company then collects the fee on behalf of the merchant from the user through one-click payment.

Advantages of Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing brings together the advantages of Premium SMS mixed with the advantages of debit/credit card payment, while also providing a low friction purchase environment, i.e. no forms! Direct Carrier Billing provides:

  • Extensive reach as mobile phones are used by everyone.
  • Low revenue leakages
  • Easy checkouts with double confirmation
  • Safe for privacy
  • No shared transactions, so no personal data is shared.

Rasbor and Mandi 5 on Integrating DCB

Mandi 5 is an online marketplace for buying and selling agri produce for farmers and traders. The farmers can list their produce using their mobile phones or by calling helpdesk. Traders can then search from the listings based on category and location of the produce. This beneficial platform is a great source to get produce directly from farmers without interacting with middlemen. Rasbor assisted Mandi 5 in building its mobile platform with the help of tools like Magento, Fortumo, and our own best, Haatify. Collaborating with Mandi 5, Rasbor has become the first organization in the world to have executed the task of integrating mobile payment gateway, Fortumo with Magento.

Rasbor integrated direct carrier billing for Mandi 5. Through this integration, farmers can make payment for their produce listing using their mobile account balance. Currently, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, and Idea customers can avail this feature. Other network users need to use other methods such as net banking or credit/debit card payment. Rasbor developed completely new APIs for Mandi 5, which was then corroborated with Magento and Fortumo to deliver a simple and hassle free experience to farmers. Payment conversions with Fortumo are already 10x higher than with credit cards due to a simple checkout flow.

About Fortumo

Fortumo is the global provider of direct carrier billing. The company was established in 2007 and since then it has been the leader in the industry. Fortumo payments offer a coverage to 95 markets. It connects merchants and subscribers of 350 mobile operator networks. The company remains a step ahead of the market, which allows it to deliver customers with hassle free payment solutions always. Carrier billing with Fortumo allow merchants to earn revenue from any platform for any variety of content. Fortumo can be used for payments on smart TVs, mobile, web and everywhere else.


The mobile application economy of India is perfect for carrier billing as the payment solution. The existing infrastructure cannot be used to create a hassle free payment experience to meet the growing needs of people for digital content and quick service. As consumers do not have to go through various layers of security checks, especially farmers who are not properly educated- direct carrier billing becomes the safest way for payments. If you are thinking about integrating direct carrier billing, visit our website. We are confident we can help you.

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Direct Carrier Billing- The Upcoming & Popular Billing Choice