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Driving Through the Evolution of Mobile Marketing



Online merchandising is not simple; it is both an art and a science.  The discipline is not just about amply stacked shelves, but several things more, and mobile marketing or merchandising is a completely different ballgame that needs its own unique approach.  Despite this truth, online merchandising has not evolved much to consider the mobile channel. Owing to certain tools like a site search, product recommendation software and few others online merchandising is moving towards the evolution towards mobile, but had not yet successfully reached there. Most online stores are built from the desktop perspective, the consumer journey is not considered here.

The Mobile Device Needs to Catch Up

Why is this important? There are a few reasons that you should know. It is quite evident that there is a huge disconnect between the retail expenditure and what shopper are spending. The latest BRC Retail 2020 report shows retailer costs were up 33.8% in 2014 from 2004, while the consumer spending was only up by 2% in the same time frame. The failure to effectively merchandise through all channels present, including mobile, can contribute to the growing discrepancy.

Desktop traffic is on the decline, while mobile traffic is increasing every day, suggesting that some users are not even going to the desktop nowadays. Google reported last year that more searches were happening through mobile devices than desktops in 10 countries. By missing out on mobile marketing you are losing a significant proportion of mobile customers and opportunities through other channels. Using one channel to merchandise products reduces profit margins and doesn’t take the brand to the next level.

Create the Art & Science of Mobile Merchandising

Shifting the focus of your business to mobile merchandizing is the next logical step in the development of online marketing and merchandising. This process will assist you to reach customers regardless of what stage they are in their shopping journey. Mobile merchandizing can be achieved through several strategies, like using online campaigns to direct customers to in-store experience or uploading localized inventory to mobile CMS. Primary techniques for the web space like search tools, product videos, side by side product comparison site search tools and reviews must be optimized specifically for mobile platforms.

Is is also essential to determine the way to get dynamic content in front of people who are using the mobile application. This becomes even more powerful with social and local mobile combination and connecting in a way that offer underpinning for you to merchandise across several areas. Let’s not forget, the end goal is to get the information directly into consumer’s hands and as quickly as possible.  To do this there is no better device than the mobile which is always present in their hands.


The focus of a merchandiser is always to maximize sales and profits while minimize stock and costs. Though it may look like the return on merchandising investment is coming mainly from desktop channel, there is no denying that mobile usage is on the rise. While the role may not be assessed easily, it will grow in importance as we move towards the future.  These dots need to be connected to leverage every possible channel at one’s disposal.

A store might still be the highest conversion point but merchandising in a fashion that lets you optimize your stock levels in all areas can result in a much more magical proposition and reverse the growing gap between profit and cost.

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Driving Through the Evolution of Mobile Marketing