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Engineer Your Own Mobile Marketing- Learn How?



Thank the lord for you have been hit by the right kind of inspiration to make your online e commerce business a success. Okay, still didn’t get me right! Well, I am talking about the decision you took to roll on with mobile commerce.  Mobile commerce is not just the talk of the town, it is also the efficient Joe of the town. Yes, you heard me right, it is one of the best strategies in the market that can make your online business a Rockstar. Regardless to say, mobiles are devices that are operated and accessed by millions of people throughout the world. It is one device that makes your business accessible to all. Using mobile to do business can be a great strategy. However, to do this you would have to engineer a well defined  roadmap and get actionable results. Mobile roadmaps with well communicated and aligned priorities across the organization are great on the business front. These roadmaps will impress the stakeholders and keep their trust while from  the technical perspective, they will make mobile commerce scalable and well documented.

Vision And Objectives

Before diving deep into the requirements of mobile implementations, you need a proper understanding of the vision and objectives. Here’s what you can do. You need to consider the mobile vision of today and then determine the short term and long term goals you want to achieve. Next do a SWOT analysis of your current mobile commerce and accordingly utilize them to improve and get the upper hand in the market. Once you are done with SWOT analysis, perform a competitive analysis of other mobile ecommerce retailers. With the results of the analysis align your business and technical needs to fulfill the objective. Finally, create a unique selling proposition to make mobile commerce work. The vision and objectives are the key to the starting of your mobile commerce strategy with a consistent understanding across all stakeholders.

Mobile Strategy

After creating vision and objectives, you need to initiate mobile specific projects for implementation and optimization. Several aspects of the business need attention and planning during the implementation and optimization process. As mobile is a very small and handy device, your plan needs to be effective. Take into consideration the following and make changes based on your current business set up and scenario:

  • User experience
  • Centralized user profile
  • Content management
  • Marketing, technology and customer input
  • Devices, sites and app combinations
  • Entitlements and digital rights
  • IT and Infrastructure.

All these items are key components to mobile commerce. Giving attention to them and planning accordingly by keeping these points in mind will help in developing fortified strategy.

The Crucial Stages of Mobile Enablement

To get started, the first step must involve the initial launch and functionality. The second step should be a set of roadmap items which are necessary following the initial launch. The strategy planned earlier should be effective here and allow for a value of each item to be determined, to ensure the priorities based on the various IT and business requirements. The biggest return item should be enabled first. If your organization is still new with mobile then it is recommended that the initial phase includes an optimized website too. Once all these steps are in place, give the additional effort  for mobile apps, selecting functionality and in the development of it.


The most effective and direct method to offer a unified multi channel view is to leverage the current ecommerce functionality, exposing it to an open architecture, documenting APIs and stabilizing integration framework. Collect input from  stakeholders and start prioritizing objectives from the roadmap you engineered.  Once you have a thorough understanding of the  of the key requirements  based on specific devices, you can define the budget, project estimates and implement the initiation stage.

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Engineer Your Own Mobile Marketing- Learn How?