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Essential Smartphone Features to Boost Mobile Experience



Mobile commerce or your mobile store is not just the shrunken down division of your e-store. Mobile itself is a separate device with its own use, context and utility. Every mobile device has some unique features that ecommerce marketers and developers need to adopt to augment the smartphone and tablet experience. Here we will see and understand the top 3 features of the mobile phones and how we can leverage them to boost the mobile experience of shoppers.

Voice-The Top Feature

Voice is a great tool that every mobile has. By simply leveraging the microphone built into the mobile device, the user can translate text into a search query. The merchant requires no special programming to enable this feature.  Though  several customers are not familiar with this trick, or do not know how to use a voice search and navigation, it makes the option sometime viable. Voice activated search is easy to use and when implemented, they can take a mobile app further.

Several ecommerce retail apps have already implemented this voice feature and generated positive results. Beyond a simple speak retrieve functionality, this process can be incorporated in applications with natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Though such artificial intelligence is not market-ready, but when it arrives, it will surely transform digital commerce. Millenials are very happy with the voice feature and voice controls, very soon others will learn its functionality too. Using voice controls is a great boost for mobile apps.


The accelerometer of a smartphone or a tablet detects movements. A simple move, swipe, or portrait to landscape mode is the work of an accelerometer. Using this feature for your mobile app is a great choice. Web sites like Urban Spoon and Warby Parker are already using it. Shoppers can simply see multiple product views by tilting their device left and right. This feature resolves the small tappable target issue that several mobile sites have.  In addition think how cool this feature will look and make your shoppers feel about your brand when they experience it first hand.

The Camera

Another very common and exclusively used feature of any mobile device is the camera. This is a feature that several brands have been tinkering with for a  long time. From customized  product buying experience by using your own photograph to scan to shop catalogs, companies are going the extra mile to make their shopping app merge with useful camera features. Visual search is the next opportunity for retail ecommerce. Brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Tesco have already adopted this useful feature. So why do you lag behind?


The mobile experience is the primary part  of the various channels of commerce and convergence of context. Using its various features in your mobile app can open the gates of opportunities for your business. Since its very clear that mobile commerce is not going back, it is important to start implementing  and exploring mobile technology before it is too late!

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Essential Smartphone Features to Boost Mobile Experience