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Evaluating 5 MCommerce Trends



Though not big news now, but mobile consumers are filling the online shopping stores everyday in record numbers. According to the recent report, mobile devices account for a total 66% of all time spent on ecommerce sites. In order to learn how your brand can capitalize on mobile, it is crucial to understand the trends in the ecommerce sector. Here are 5 common mcommerce trends that are popular in the market now. Get a whiff of these to strategize your next step ahead.

Retailers Boosting Their Game

The boom in mobile commerce is partially due to the activities that few savvy retailers perform. These retailers are sophisticated with their mobile marketing campaigns and are capable of targeting customers based on mobile data with greater relevance and precision. Tools like CRM and marketing automation has also increased sophistication, giving companies the chance to find additional ways to profile and reach customers through customized targeted initiatives. The technology needed to support mobile ecommerce has also come of age. Payment systems like mobile wallet, rewarding structure like coupons and rewards have boosted the entire mcommerce scenario and will keep on boosting it for some time.

The Real Action Is

The mobile audience is a broad spectrum of buyers. However, their purchasing patterns are different. Understanding this pattern can help identify changes and deliver insight as to decide where to spend your mobile marketing money.

Wearable and Re-platforming

By re-platforming you can bring more sales for your ecommerce site.  Re-platforming a mobile friendly site to a native app can make a lot of difference in the field. ‘Wearable’ also represent a new mobile category that has huge potential for retailers specializing in apparels, sporting goods, footwear and brands. The sales of ‘wearable’ are going to increase and reach an estimated mark of $12.5 billion by 2018 and with it mcommerce for ‘wearable’.

Popular Categories for Mobile Spending

A study conducted by Marketing Charts on ecommerce spending showed there were few categories in the retail sector that made top purchases on mobile or tablet devices. These categories are:

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Books
  • Music and Electronics

For smart phones the categories were:

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Music
  • Electronics

Keeping these categories in mind while planning your mobile strategy will boost your business.

Rise of Tablet Based Ecommerce

Mobile commerce is making a slight move towards big smartphones and tablet devices. Tablet users averaged $329 in 2012, while smartphones averaged $250 per order. The overall shopping habits of people also reflect an increase in the order size and volume of purchases made for these devices. Planning a view of the site based on these devices is essential.


Large screens on devices and the recreational patterns of people are highly influential in determining the device they use and the applications or website they visit. Though unpredictable there is a trend that can be followed to get desired results. As a retailer, you should continue to ramp up your mobile marketing efforts. However, keep a close eye on optimizing the shopping experiences for tablet users.

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Evaluating 5 MCommerce Trends