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Evolution of Celebrity Chatbots: Talk to Game of Thrones and your favorite celebrity



Today’s youth is more inclined towards web medium to watch any of their favorite TV programs than switching on the television set.

Even as a child, you must be remembering your favorite classical TV program maybe because of popular dialogues or because of some soulful performances of the actors of the show. It’s simply unforgettable. You are still looking for the episodes online even long after the show went off air.

Online streaming services like YouTube, Netflix etc come into picture as they have extended their reach to global audience and they bring in the same old TV shows you can’t stop watching. These online streaming services have enabled the companies to revolutionize the entertainment sector. With their help, users can view their same old, cherished shows online anywhere, anytime.

Advancement in Artificial intelligence is helping chatbots to modify the entire process of engaging the fans with popular television characters. Chatbots bring famous celebrities who were earlier way out of reach and their fans closer than ever before.

Below are some of the popular celebrity chatbots:

Game of Throne GoTBot : Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in the recent times. A Facebook bot named GoTBot can answer all the questions related to the Game of Thrones at one place. Developed by a digital creative agency in London, Catch Digital, keeping in mind all the secondary characters which fans usually forget about along with the other relevant and important information they never knew that it even existed. The AI of the GoTBot is being handled by Wit.ai service. Company utilizes Google cloud for spell checks and analytics. It has helped in improving the bot’s performance significantly.

Joey Tribbiani from TV show ‘Friends’ : Remember your favorite TV show named Friends? A bot named Joey Tribbiani is inspired from the fictional character in the show. It is developed by researchers from University of Leeds. The sole objective of their research was to build virtual talking avatars of characters automatically, from the TV shows. They wanted to show how to copy the character’s style of speech, visual appearance and language from the unconstrained data. It was an effort to develop an interactive avatar of a person and effectively immortalize it by computational methods. Joey was effectively immortalized in a generative model enabling him to say new sentences in his style and appearance.

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades DarkerAnother Fifty Shades Darker character Chritian Grey was converted into a Facebook chatbot by a tech company called Persona Technologies. It enables fans to interact and engage with their favorite character. The chatbot was launched on the premiere date of the movie ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. “I could’ve used Api.ai to help with natural language processing (NLP), but I still hold true to the belief that most people don’t really want to have a full conversation with a robot (except developers, I know),” wrote Josh Bocanegra, CEO, Persona Technologies on his blog. Chatfuel, a bot platform was used to develop the chatbot to know how users interacted with the conversational UX. 

Kim Kardashian BotAmong the top 3 celebrity chatbots on Bottr, Kim Kardashian bot is famous. It is bombarded with ton a questions and messages from fans daily.  Questions ranging from actor’s involvement several controversies to keeping up with the Kardashians, a mobile game in the name of the actor, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and her several photo shoots, the bot is happy to answer all the fans Q&A with her innate attitude. Kim Kardashian bot doesn’t hesitate to answer every single question from her ever growing fan base.

Steve Jobs BotAn ingenious way of keeping the man’s legacy alive, Steve Jobs’s bot is doing the needful. Steve Jobs chatbot mainly talks about his work and life at Apple, with quite a few personal details about him. If you try asking, the bot, ‘Why you quit Apple?’and he will be able to answer it frankly for you. “In 1985, because of differences of opinion, the Board of Directors restricted my duties and I ended up having almost no decision-making power, so I quit.”

Donald Trump BotDonald Trump is an ideal material for the chatbot. He is offensive sometimes, sometimes he’s controversial and he raises eyebrows. A lot of people have several questions for him ranging from US elections till he is on the top of the Google search rankings this year; he is no doubt a celebrity. As a person himself, Donald Trump’s chatbot however is blunt and baffling. It does not think that it’s important to justify his words and actions. With a signature “haters gonna hate,” Trump’s bot brags about his wealth, hotels, casinos and wives

Justin Bieber BotThe singer has been quite in news recently. With his alleged relationship with Selena Gomez, people want to know about his personal life as well. Justin Bieber bot is there to answer your questions. It answers the questions about his career in music, acknowledges his fans affections and even share the singer’s latest YouTube videos with the fans. Also, he tells the fans what he liked and what he didn’t like. Justin Bieber Bot also finds innovative ways to keep his fans away from visiting his house. If you are a true fan, the bot will definitely make you feel closer to the celebrity.

Selena Gomez BotOver a 119 million followers of the celebrity on Instagram alone, Selena Gomez bot exists to keep her overwhelming fan base happy. Each of the die-hard fans of Selena Gomez spends over 15 minutes a day on an average chatting with the bot. Like a bubbly pop star Selena Gomez, he chatbot is able to mimic her personality while interacting with her fans. Instead of being secretive like the Bieber bot or straightforward like Trump, she even motivates her fans and speaks about how she feels about the milestones in her professional and personal life. Some of the questions being asked are as follows: “Does Selena Gomez have a new boyfriend?”; “Does she write her own songs?”; “What does Selena like to do on weekends?”

Mahatma Gandhi BotIn the celebrity chatbot race, Mahatma Gandhi occupies a dignified place. Although, not a celebrity in a true sense of word, but he is truly celebrated. Educating and providing information to the people about the 200 year struggle for the independence of India, Mahatma Gandhi bot answers questions related to history of the world and that of India.

Chatbots have come a long way since their inception with Eliza and SmarterChild. With enhancements in AI and ever growing Natural Language Processing, they have to go a long way to go to truly augment and think like us. Having said this, celebrity chatbots are doing really well.

For the fans, bot makes them feel closer to celebrities that they love. Share your experience on chatting with your favourite celebrities. Share this article and follow me on Twitter. I would love to connect with you.

Evolution of Celebrity Chatbots: Talk to Game of Thrones and your favorite celebrity