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5 Crucial Steps to Find the Best Magento Developer


Rasbor_5_Crucial_Steps_to_Find_the_Best_Magento_developer-2Is your e-commerce website running on Magento? While it’s great that you are in sync with the latest technology, but do you have a skilled developer to support your online store? With the surge in its popularity, it has become the focal point for many web designing agencies and independent developers. So, how do you zero down on a good developer who can fulfill and even outdo expectations? Let’s see how you can find the right Magento developer for your online business.

Do your homework

Before you even start hunting for a developer, do your homework on what exactly you want out of your website. Simplified or complex, every website has a different composition. So, prepare an outline of what you want, identify the limitations, illustrate the expectations, mark the major factors for success, and ask for the exact time and money required for the project. Setting this base will not just help you to know your project better and your developer to recognize your needs, but will also help you negotiate.

Get a perfect team

Keep your overall project cost and timing in control with a project manager who is knowledgeable about the entire e-commerce set up. The project developer should have prior information of all the mechanisms and should comprehend your goals and ambitions related to e-commerce. Ensure that there is only one skilled developer involved in the process, making it less complicated and he/she is efficient enough to handle the two way communication (your site and Magento).

Create a budget estimate

Creating a Magento backed e-commerce website involves a considerable monetary investment. Write down which functionalities are obligatory, which one you think would fit the best, and which can be postponed. Determine the amount of finance you can invest based on your requirements.

Once you have analyzed your budget and you know how much can you invest to materialize your idea, you can then move onto contact a Magento developer. It’s suggested to spend around 5% of the annual profit on building the website and then move on to spending 2-4% of the annual profit for maintenance.

Determine your needs

  • Whether it’s a long-term requirement or one-time

If you need someone to resolve a single issue getting a developer who has time enough to fix that small issue is a good idea. However, the same person may not have enough time to handle long-term requirements. Hence, for ongoing projects you may need to look out for developer who is vying for a long term association.

  • Whether you want a company or a freelancer

Hiring one or two freelancers is a better option for those with budget constraints or those who are looking for a short term engagement. Otherwise, hiring a web development company is a much better idea as they can handle a project professionally; ensure timely delivery and superior quality.

  • Whether you need an expert or reasonable pricing

Quality work comes at a price and hence, if budget is a constraint you may have to look for someone cheaper. Find out if the task on your site requires an expert or if it can be resolved with a lesser experienced developer. Reach out to the desired developer keeping in mind their location and your requirements. While developers based in USA cost $75-90 per hour, those from Eastern Europe cost $15-25 per hour.

  • What are the skills you are looking for

List down the skills and expertise you are looking for in the developer such as,

  • The types of plan he works with;
  • If he is adept to work on your plan;
  • The languages he is supposed to know

Where to look for the best developers?

  • Find them through personal networking like, asking friends, family or colleagues. Focus on those who have worked with your acquaintances so that you know their performance history.
  • Identify the right developer via the Magento solution partner community who has the permission to use the trainings, support and services from Magento. This ensures that they will be perfect with their job. Filter Solution partners by region or country.
  • Magento Certification Directory helps you locate developers across the world who are Magento certified. This helps you find individual developers, rather than companies.
  • Websites for Freelancers like, Freelancer, eLance or oDesk are some of the best platforms that help you find best freelancer Magento developers from their huge database. You can simplify the process by sorting the right ones and sending them invites.
  • Go to the Magento industry networking events where you will find serious developers. They attend such events to create a professional network and to gain knowledge on the industry development. Visit the events page of Magento to be updated about the events.
  • Social and Professional Networking platforms
  1. Follow the Facebook groups for Magento developers and the ones which are devoted to Magento topics.
  2. Keep a watch on the Twitter hashtags #Magento and #MagentoJobs for skilled developers. While you can look for the one who’s tweeting, you can also tweet that you are looking for Magento developers using the hashtags.
  3. LinkedIn allows you to search for people directly using the word “Magento”. Look through their expertise and profile to find the right one, or join communities like “Magento Developers” and post your requirement.
  • Business Websites or Blogs – Look out for authors or bloggers who are known for their blogs and websites. Track the top blogs and industry websites and look for the authors. Find their contact details and get in touch with them for further discussion.

Finding the right Magento developer is indeed tedious, but not impossible. Know your requirements, look at the right places or seek advice from someone who has already worked with a Magento developer and hopefully you have the best developer for your e-commerce site.


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5 Crucial Steps to Find the Best Magento Developer