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5 Things You Should Do At Magento Imagine 2016



Magento Imagine is a undoubtedly the premier global ecommerce conference that is solely focused on exchanging inspired and innovative ideas, discuss emerging trends and make long-lasting connections. This year the event will take place on April 11th-13th at the Wynn Encore, Las Vegas. As a Magento enthusiast, we are anticipating a fantastic show on D-day. This event is a great affair to attend for anyone who loves, knows and plans to learn Magento. If you are as enthusiastic as we are then you should get registered for the event immediately, the entry is about to be sold out!

Magento Imagine Commerce started 6 years ago. The event was planned with a vision to connect the entire ecommerce ecosystem internationally. The event brings together more than 2500 merchants, agencies, technology providers from across 45 countries in the world. Each member of the event is ready to inspire, educate, collaborate and have fun in this event.

In our enthusiasm about this event, we consider to share with you the top 5 things you should do while you get ready for the event.

Magento Imagine’s Pre-Imagine Party

It is essential that in your itinerary you add the name of Pre-Imagine party. To get some pre-imagine fun with the community party to be organized for this special grand event. The Pre Imagine party is scheduled for April 10th 2016 from 4 pm to 7 pm. Visit the Wynn’s Sun Terrace and you will surely enjoy the view. The event is sponsored by several reputed names in the industry like MageMojo, Shero, Vantage, BlueAcorn, Interactive4, Inchoo, Lexicon and others. Magento Pre Imagine party is the right place to be before the event. The place will be filled with a wonderful party environment, mouthwatering food, drinks and more. Most of the active members of Magento community along with the partners and sponsors will be present in the event. Needless saying, the event will be a great place to network. You can also start your swag pile by getting exclusive swags available at this event only.

The Grand Event of Imagine Commerce

The second thing to do in your ‘to do list’ of the itinerary is to attend the grand open of Imagine Commerce. Start with the Welcome breakfast where the highlight will be, merchant and system integrator panel. After the breakfast discussion and event, the registration reception opens, so don’t forget to be there. From 10 am to 12 pm starts various different knowledge sharing events and discussions. These discussions are vital and serve the purpose of visiting the conference. You have commerce conversations, workshop on design thinking, session on Magento 2.0 development, seminar on the Requirements Gathering for Magento Implementations. There would also be a merchant-to-merchant session, but entries are by invitation only. There is so much to do right on the first day of the event.

Keynote Speakers

The third thing to look forward to in the Imagine conference is the key speaker. We cannot say enough about the informative sessions and the keynote speakers lined up for the Imagine conference. This year the keynote speaker is Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises. Johnson is the most powerful African-American businessman in the world. He has successfully transformed his skills from the sports world to the business world. He has guide and supported MJE to transform into a conglomerate comprising multiple business entities and partnerships. Johnson through his relentless commitment tries to transform Urban America through HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Programs, Taylor Michaels Scholarship Programs and 18 Community Empowerment centers. Other notable speakers that you should anticipate include:

  • Mark Lavelle, Magento, CEO
  • Steve Yankovich, Magneto, CPO
  • Paul Boisvert, Magento, VP Product Management
  • Steve Fusco, PayPal, VP GM of North American Distribution
  • Alan Kent, Magento, Chief Architect
  • Ben Pressley, Magento, VP of Customer Success & Professional Services
  • Peter Sheldon, Magento, Head of Strategy
  • Kai Schmidhuber, Fraport, Senior Vice President, Multichannel

Magento Imagine 2016 Sessions

The fun does not end here! The sessions organized for these events are equally mindboggling. We know that if you are going to this event, you already have a jam-packed itinerary. Here are a few highlighted sessions to look forward to on all the three days of the event.

  • Design Thinking Workshop for Agencies & Technology Providers
  • Magento 2.0 Developer Deep Dive- Technical topics on Magento
  • Merchant to Merchant Sessions
  • Startup Success
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Magento U Certification Exams
  • Designer BarCamp & Networking Event
  • Developer BarCamp & Networking Event

Each of these events is scheduled at specific time slots. Long discussion sessions are divided in parts, so you do not miss the knowledge shared in these sessions.

Enjoy the Scheduled Events

On the second day of the Imagine Commerce, guests and merchants have been scheduled a Legendary Imagine Evening Event. The event is scheduled on the 12th April evening from 8 pm to 12 am. Magento and the sponsors have planned something big and entertaining for this event so everyone can enjoy and relax. After all, everyone needs some rest from all the knowledge that would be transferred from various sources right from the DAY 01 of the event.

Imagine Commerce Is Waiting For You

Imagine is the greatest and biggest event from Magento and their partners. If you are in the ecommerce business then it is not worthy to wait and miss the registrations for the event. Enjoy learning, networking and having fun at Magento Imagine Commerce.

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5 Things You Should Do At Magento Imagine 2016