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Google Analytics Integration- Is it Necessary?


Google Analytics has been a concern and matter of discussion for several budding e-commerce companies. Companies are opinionated about this tool offered by Google. Some opine the tool to be an essential element for businesses and websites, while others think it is not crucial for a website but something that is good to add.  Without further discussion or debate it is better to confirm that Google Analytics is by far the best and an integral tool for all websites. Whether it is an ecommerce site or a simple blog, this tool can help you in several ways, boost viewership, and assist in implementing strategies for better conversions.

Google Analytics is a web-based platform that allows a person to collect data about the visitors to your website. It then allows you to use the information from the collected data about the visitors for the betterment of your website. The information it collects is always about everything in the website. Starting from how the user arrived to the website to planning a marketing campaign based on user visit, everything can be done with the help of Google Analytics. Any company planning for commercial success would require planning its strategies, to do this they would require real time data, which Google Analytics provides.

Business Benefit of Google Analytics

When using empirical data for taking any business decision, you can be rest assured that you are not throwing away your money. Google analytics offers you real time empirical data that helps you in better analyzing your audience. The tool has four key reporting areas: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions. The Audience metric informs about people visiting the site. Acquisition talks about how these visitors are getting to your site. Behavior gives data on what the visitors are doing on your site. Finally, Conversions inform if any of these visitors have completed what you wanted them to do. All the four aspects are crucial and useful for different purpose. These four aspects of Google Analytics offer four overarching business benefits of Google Analytics-marketing campaign optimization, target audience identification, website usability and budget allocation.

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns             

Optimizing marketing campaign is an ongoing process, so every step you take should be in the right direction. Without the right data to analyze, you can make changes that may adversely affect your campaign and yield no results at all. Google analytics data is golden here. The data would help you to understand what works well and what does not. After checking the data, you can confidently invest your time on optimizing things that would work wonders for your website. At the same time, you would be capable of discarding any idea or campaign that does not work.

Improves Website Usability

When you have the data on how your visitors use your website, you can easily determine the weak points of your website. You can check the bounce rate of your website, do an in-depth content analysis and understand what type of content users are looking for in your website. The behavior report and the conversion report that Google analytics generate are two of the most useful sections meant for deriving an understanding on how the website’s usability satisfies customers. The behavior report will inform you about the pages that are more engaging to people, so you can improve and invest on the sub-optimal engagement pages of your website. The conversions report will aid you to understand where your viewers are dropping out. Knowing this, you can accurately optimize the conversion process for your site. The audience report offers additional insight like the devices and OS used by visitors. You can analyze this data to create a compatible user experience for your viewers.

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Identifying Target Audience                                                                                                                                                                                       

When you start a business, you already have an idea about who your target audience would be, however, the Audience report of Google analytics aid you to determine whether your perception about the target audience is correct. The report also include a host of other useful information that assists in better identifying the target audience, understanding their interests and then making a plan based on the data. The more you understand about your audience, the better it becomes for you to channelize your marketing efforts.

Allocation of Budget

When you develop the idea of what works and what does not work for your website, analysis becomes easy. You can determine where to invest further and where to avoid, based on your budget. Google analytics have reports that would offer you a percentage budget increase or decrease based on the specific model of attribution you chose to use. The tool also helps in identifying the gap in your budget allocation. Using Google analytics for budget allocation gives you the access to measure the ROI of various aspects of the marketing campaigns you have implemented.

Integrating Google Analytics and More for Makery Labs

Makery Labs is India’s first curated marketplace for innovative and creative products related to educational toys market. The company  offers Do-it-Yourself products that are not limited to educational toys. They offer Open source hardware, Raspberry Pi, Arduino kits and electronics for industrial and scientific product makers. Makery Labs came to Rasbor for innovative mobility solutions. To assist them with the right resolution, Rasbor implemented several technical and non-technical features to their site. To make things better for sales and marketing, Rasbor integrated Google Analytics.

Google Analytics integration brought many insights. The client was able to keep track of daily and periodical note of unique visitors, orders placed, returning customer, time spent by customers and more. The analytics tool has certain useful features that helped in the company’s marketing strategies. The analytics also helped in lead generation of Makery Labs. To take the customer insight even higher, Rasbor developed a module that allowed the Makery Labs to have additional insight about a customer. The custom developed module complemented Google analytics and thereby plugged all loose points that lied in tracking user’s journey.


Without a doubt, it can be said that Google Analytics is one of the best tools for measuring real time data on a website. Not only is Google Analytics free but it is very simple to set up and easy to use. The tool is an excellent platform for carrying out all the basic analysis of your website data. If you are not using Google analytics, start today. If you are already using it, let us know what you like the most about it.

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Google Analytics Integration- Is it Necessary?