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How and Why to hire great people – Every time


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Whether a small or large enterprise, you cannot grow a business without the support of great employees. As a founder, the best you can do is lay the foundation, conceptualize, market the idea, and that’s it. Beyond this, managing a business all on your own is simply beyond the bounds of possibility. That is when as an experienced administrator you must get into the act of hiring great people who can run your business efficiently and pilot towards success.

Human resource is considered to be the greatest assets for an enterprise which is infact the only asset that grows daily. So, when it’s about hiring employees for your organization, getting the best out of the lot should be your primary aim.

For your business to be successful over the period and foresee exemplary profits, you need to consider your new recruits as an investment. But, while some recruits are exceptional contributing majorly towards the success of your organization, some may just not fit into your expectations. So, how do you hire great people everytime and why?

We have analyzed a few aspects of hiring great people every time that is extremely critical since as a businessperson you cannot really afford to lose time and money hiring an employee that’s a loss proposition.  So let’s see what are these aspects..

  • Avoid any hogwash like asking them their strong or weak points, or any irrelevant questions and rather concentrate on the first and foremost parameter that is, competency of the candidate. Ask appropriate questions that would help you find out if they possess the required skills, experiences and qualification to achieve the targets set by your business.
  • Identify the five critical skills including the behavioral skills that a potential employee must possess to successfully complete the required tasks in your company, outdo the performance parameters, and analyze if the person will be able to put in additional efforts and be creative required by the business operations. This way you will be able to judge if the if the potential employee is willing to take added responsibility and looks promising.
  • The hiring process should be well planned with tests thrown in which should be like, role plays or check their decision making ability under pressure with simulations, etc. Testing them with real life examples will equip you with enough proof of the candidate’s abilities.
  • We agree that you are the organization leader, but that does not earn you the badge of a Superman! So, get some hiring members in your panel, especially people with previous hiring skills like someone with knowledge in human resource and things should be much smoother for you. It’s your business eventually, and to hire great people everytime you should ensure a firm groundwork.
  • Throw in relevant questions to test the candidate’s intention, that is if he/she intends to join your company for long-term and if they are serious. Most of them out there are either job hopping every few months or are just looking for a gig. A background search on their past jobs will easily highlight how serious the candidate is.
  • Team players are extremely important in today’s competitive world, so look for someone who believes in healthy competition. Analyze if the potential employee believes in the same ethics as yours, exhibits honesty, respect for others, and selfless attitude as any discord in the future may lead to loss to your business financially and harm your reputation.
  • What’s important is if the candidate displays any behavioral aspects that match your company’s culture or not. Every organization has its own set of morals, protocols and expectations and a candidate who intends to be a part of the company’s success should match these norms, else things can get really troublesome at a later stage with difficult employees.
  • Compensation is one of the most important aspects an employee looks upon and that is something should be discussed openly and closed upon with mutual consent once and for all, so that there is no disagreement in future. Make sure that the person you hire is satisfied with your offer; else they may feel undervalued which may directly affect their performance.
  • And, the most important part of the recruitment process involves the evaluation of the cost involved in hiring great people everytime. This starts with calculating the cost of process per candidate that involves stages from establishing the hiring reason, creating job description, identifying the sources, selecting the interviews, and posting jobs, to screening potential employees, holding interviews, selecting the right candidate to background checks and rolling out the offer.
  • But does that end there? No, as you also need to compute the cost of hiring the wrong employee which is mostly always more than the cost of hiring the right employee. While you incur an expense for all the background checks, job portal cost, training and the resource finance even on the wrong employee, the fact that it takes 6 months to comprehend that the employee was a wrong hire which leads to a loss equal to 150 man days. What’s interesting is that the chances of hiring a wrong person are 1 out of 5 candidates.
  • So, when the final tally is in front of you the cost of hiring a wrong person is automatically way more than the cost of hiring great people always. Hence, it is extremely important to hire the right person always.

Therefore, look for the truth beyond how a candidate presents himself in the interview. It is your business and hence, it is for you to decide what you want and who you want. Put your experience into practice, run thorough background checks and talk to other previous counterparts or seniors rather than references, and you should be able to unravel the mystery of hiring the great people, every time.


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How and Why to hire great people – Every time