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How to Combat with Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues



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A freaking fact about e-commerce sites state that an average cart is abandoned 55% to 70% of total visits the site receives. Baymard Institute, based in UK revealed through a marketing research that 67.44% of shopping carts get abandoned online. This is a grave number and after all the effort, you have put in on your store, right from selecting the products, arranging them to the suitable delivery options. Despite such stark details, you should not lose hope. There are several ways, which a company can implement to ensure that the chances of shopping cart abandonment are reduced. Though there is no guarantee that the issue will be completely resolved, a little tweak on the website here and there, a few new policies, etc can reduce the annual percentage of shopping cart abandonment by a lot. The less visitors abandon cart the more revenues a site earns.

What Qualifies As Shopping Cart Abandonment

Understanding what qualifies as a shopping kart abandonment issue allows you to figure out a solution at the very beginning. Knowledge about the fact can aid in developing an hypothesis that would optimize the purchase funnel and assist you to get back those lost sales. When a shopper places an item in the cart, but does not enter the checkout funnel to make a complete purchase can be termed as shopping cart abandonment. Similarly, when a shopper begins with the checkout process and does not complete the financial transaction is also an issue of abandoning shopping cart. Here are few reasons why most people abandon their shopping cart and some fix to solve these problems.

Problem 1- What shopper’s are browsing?

Any e-commerce site has several visitors. They are called visitors because they come to the site to browse through products. They look at things, their prices, marvel at their functionality and then they leave. So what do you do to bring them back to your site and indirectly push them to make an actual purchase. Research shows that these visitors were not ready to purchase, they were there to estimate shipping cost or they wanted to save their selection for later.

Solution– When abandonment of cart happens because of shipping costs then a little website tweaking can save you from this problem. Having a shipping calculator right at the product page will ensure that customers get the estimate of actual shipping cost right when they are browsing. This will help them to analyze while browsing whether they want to make such a purchase or not.

Words play a vital role in determining sales. A website with only “Add to cart” as call to action option will have more chances of cart abandonment than any other website with several other options. A “Save for Later” option or a “Wish list” call to action button added to the e-commerce site allows visitors to save the product of their liking to these carts, clearly indicating their intention for browsing and purchase, thus reducing cart abandonment at a rapid rate.

Problem 2- Shoppers Distrusting Your Site

Most people visiting a website have doubts about buying products online, or they are shopping for the first time. Again, a large number of these visitors also did not grow up with internet and hence, do not know whether to trust this type of trade. Building trust with them is essential. Even big brands often fall short in building trust. It is a very discomforting fact that only 65% of brands display security information during their checkout process.

Solution– You can do the following to develop trust of customers. These are standard trust building methods; additional effective ideas can always be implemented.

  • Let people know that their credit information is safe with you by displaying security logos.
  • Always show a satisfaction guarantee logo to show you accept returns.
  • Keep customer service numbers always visible.
  • Provide customer testimonials on site, so people can relate and know the real time experience of other people.

Problem 3- Checkout Process Is Complicated

As most viewers are not experts of technology, they often face problems with checkout process. A complicated checkout process with several pages and details often confuse them more forcing them to abandon the sale.

Solution– The easiest solution would be to design a checkout page that only asks for essential information, reduces the amount of information present on any page and requires minimum page fill ups to complete the entire checkout process. An average online checkout process includes 5.6 pages, reducing this number to an average of 3 will benefit the e-commerce site in simplifying the process and bringing in more customers.

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Problem 4- Shipping Times Are Unclear or Too Long

Delivery, shipping time and return processes play a vital role while customers make a purchase decision. If any of them is complicated or time consuming, customers tend to avoid making the purchase. A Comscore inforgraphic revealed that 24% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of longer delivery times or because a specific date is not mentioned.

Solution– The problem itself states the solution; and any experienced professional would know what to do. Check your shipping management systems and add these to the list of improvements in require. If you are using third party logistics, integrate their tracking application to your website to ensure customers know the date and can track their shipment at their will.

Several other issues lead to shopping cart abandonment, but these are the most affecting problems. Resolving them with utmost priority will ensure that majority of the setback is resolved for your online store.

Send My Gift and Rasbor Attempts to Combat Cart Abandonment

Send My Gift, a reputed online gifting store, incepted in the year 2015 offers easy gifting solution to customers. With over 7000 sellers offering custom gifting solutions through SMG, the company is becoming a leading name in the field of online gifting service. As an upcoming giant in the field of gifting, Send My Gift came to us for site digital transformation.  After analyzing their website thoroughly, we highlighted various technical and non-technical problems to them that needed rectification.

Among several such problems that we rectified, one was implementing techniques to boost site performance and reduce shopping cart abandonment. To do this we implemented several methods. We allowed customers to create social logins to avoid any confusion during checkout procedure. The shipping partner’s API was also included in the website for customers to track their parcel. Only one page for checkout was created to avoid frustrations during the checkout process. Our methods helped SMG to reduce their shopping cart abandonment issues significantly.


Every seller entering the online market would want their products and services to sell more. To do this, every feature of the site needs to be in place, starting from the website code to the shipment planning of items. Customers need to enjoy an overall feeling of satisfaction before, during and after sales with a site, only then can an online store have more sales and more returning customers. Implement solutions that will reduce shopping cart abandon issues. Hire professionals who can help you to complete the process satisfactorily.

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How to Combat with Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues