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How to Design a Mobile App for Maximum Growth



The User Experience is all. There is no denying this fact because user experience is the prime factor for psychologically affecting your viewers. How your users feel about your app when they are using it is the result of the user experience. A bad UX will result in your viewers avoiding your app while a good UX can change in entire game. Designing and developing a successful mobile app that gets several downloads is based on designing an excellent UI and UX.

In this blog we will discuss about few strategies that works when it comes to mobile app. We will understand them and then you can decide whether you want them to be a part of your mobile app development strategy for better sales. There are several factors which can be taken into consideration when measuring the success of your mobile app; however, it is the UX that tops all.  The User Experience of an app can include several things ranging from the screen size to pop-ups. Hence it is vital to focus some time in improving it.

Color Selection

From the psychological perspective, colors are crucial in human life. They have strong impact on a person’s brain. In a mobile app, color can be responsible for factors like conversion rates. A color has the capability to prompt certain feelings, which can impact the reaction of a person in several ways. For example the color blue is related to calmness while yellow is for optimism and warmth. Using colors to create such effects of warmth or calmness can affect the performance and usage of your app by viewers too.

Minimal UI Design

A strong growing trend in the field of design is minimalism. In case of UI too minimalism is one of the best choices to win customer’s attention. A mobile app needs to functional and smooth, not just a beautiful design to look at. To achieve this minimalist UI is essential. By using this approach you can present the user with only what they need to know.

Mobile On-Boarding Experience

It is essential that you show the value of your app to the user. This you can do by demonstrating how they can achieve what they want quickly and efficiently. Users are becoming more fickle minded and impatient. So you have only one chance to impress them and catch their attention-make a great first impression.

Personalization of UX

Every brand and every company is tying their very best to attract the customers, hence the expectations for mobile experiences have increased to a very high standard. To meet the likings and demand of consumers, you need to be more creative and use first rate approaches more than ever. Personalizing your mobile app for a more effective and innovative in-app is what you need to do.


As gestures evolve, they unlock new powers for applications in terms of their usability, retention and user experience. But, a common pitfall in UI design is inappropriate gesture implementation. The smallest of gesture choice can make a huge difference to the overall impact of a mobile app.

Qualitative Data Use

Understanding all the whys behind key metrics and qualitative data is crucial for a great mobile app creation. Use UX app analytics to dig deep into user behavior and understand the key metrics.


User experience is what makes and breaks a mobile app, so it should be one of your primary concerns and point of focus while designing and developing your app. Consider all the variety of factors to combine them and create the best user experience. Your customers rely on you, don’t let them down. Rasbor offers special Tinder like swipe card framework for mobile. Learn more about our product here.

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How to Design a Mobile App for Maximum Growth