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How to Make Your First Mobile Site



If you were hiding under a rock, then this news might not reach you, but if you weren’t you would already know that the number of people browsing the web through mobile phones is increasing at super speed every day. The bad news here is that ecommerce website owners built their website mostly for desktops. This current mobile trend has forced them to strategize and plan websites differently. If your website is not mobile friendly or if you do not have a mobile app for your store, then its time to say goodbye to a fair percentage of sales.

A great way to gain an edge among competitors is to be accessible to consumers in any device they are on.  Create a mobile presence and optimize it well-just by doing so you will pick up many more sales and several visitors returning to your online store.

In this blog we will start from the very basic procedures you need to follow to learn more about your website’s responsiveness and then we will understand how to make a mobile friendly ecommerce site.

Checking Current Site on Mobile Devices

You may not know, but your current SEO implementations and website design may or may not make your site mobile friendly. To be sure it is better to perform certain checks. The checks will give you the perfect view of the desktop site and help in planning the next steps mandatory to make the business work. There are several types of mobile devices, this includes Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, etc.  Ensure that you check your website in all of these mobile devices and tablets. While doing so do not forget to note down the errors identified with each device. Perform the following steps:

  1. Perform a multiple product purchase,
  2. Test a coupon code,
  3. Check your contact page,
  4. See the functionality of pop-ups (if any),
  5. Zoom in and out product pictures, and
  6. Repeat the tests on mobile browsers as well as through search engines.

Making  A Mobile Site

If you discover from the above mentioned tests that your website is not compatible with even one mobile device or tablet, it is time to make some changes and building a new mobile site. Rebuild your website with a responsive design in mind. Build a mobile site that is compatible to all devices, a one-size-fits all per se.

Responsive design is a great way to start with your optimized mobile cum desktop commerce site. This form of design expands and contracts automatically based on the different devices used for viewing. A good web developer can check with the code of the site design and tweak it to make this change happen. You can also start with a fresh and new design altogether if the code seems to be too complex. Take a closer look at the buttons , interactive elements and forms on the site to ensure they work fine with mobile users. Optimize the elements to ensure they work with all devices without much changes.  Simplify your checkout process  so that its easier for both desktop and mobile users to go through a painless shopping process. If this process seems tough, you can always redirect your mobile visitors to sub domains.


A mobile compatible website is a necessity to run proper online business and reach more potential customers. However, mobile commerce does not end here, a mobile app is also a must. Once your mobile website is ready monitor its performance for few months. Based on the data generated from this, create a mobile app that offers an easy solution to the various problems of shopping one faces when using a desktop as well as a mobile website.

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How to Make Your First Mobile Site