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Is Your Store Ready For The Great Mobile Shift?



The world is moving and the biggest proof of that is the shift of the brick and mortar retail stores to E-commerce. Are you ready for it?

Not long ago, there was a time when the internet used to be a simple source for reading, sending emails and doing a few other tasks. Soon it started to spread it wings and take many forms, entering new businesses, doing searches, changing the future of several businesses to a certain extent rapidly. While some businesses used the internet as an extension of their offering, others were completely taken over by it. One such business was retail. The retail industry and internet combined to emerge as electronic commerce, online stores and ecommerce. It generated buzzwords like, “shopping from home”, “online shopping”, etc. Due to such changes, electronic payment system and other varieties of ecommerce platform were created.

If you are thinking ecommerce as the first industry to order something and receive it at home, you are wrong. It all started with pizza deliveries. Remember how you used to call pizza delivery guys and they would soon deliver them at your home. Well, that’s how thing started. However, the internet took this opportunity in a different note and put the idea and the system together online. Ecommerce was not just a ‘buy online and receive it at home’ industry, but it was made to take the whole market place experience together and put it on the internet. Undoubtedly, ecommerce industry created a revolution but there was something else emerging on its footsteps, something that people did not notice and something small yet immensely powerful.

Rise of Smartphones

After the emergence of the iPhone and eventually other such smartphones, pocket devices running several apps connected to the Internet become a regular stuff. Even if there were small mcommerce sites available, they are hardly influential because of the apps. The profitable and well established ecommerce industry soon started to lose to the better accessible mobile devices and tablets leading to the birth of m-commerce industry. Now, instead of offering a mcommerce solution, companies have started to offer mobile app. Some companies went further by offering both. The mobile apps have far more features and ease of use than websites.

E-Commerce to M-Commerce

The latest events and situation in the market made m-commerce a futuristic contender to ecommerce. This has led to several companies invest equally in both the industries. However, not everybody can offer a decent mobile commerce offering. As the industry for mobile application is very new, there are very less skilled developer to develop m-commerce for cheap, let alone converting an existing ecommerce website.

The success of m-commerce today, completely lies in the development of a quality m-commerce app. The impact that a mobile website creates is quite different from the one that a mobile app creates. Mobile website limits functionality of a website, thus killing mobile commerce completely.  Therefore, it is essential to create a quality m-commerce app for your website to take m-commerce to the next direction.

Rasbor and Mobile Commerce Conversion

Rasbor is blessed with skill to convert any existing ecommerce website into a mobile commerce site. As mobile constitute 60% of all electronic store transactions and visits, a mobile app is essential for an ecommerce company to stay ahead and at the top.  If you are still confined to the traditional concepts of owning a simple desktop website, it’s time to come out and open the door to more opportunities. It’s time to understand and use products like our Mebly.

About Mebly

Mebly is our indigenous android and IOS app designed for Magento. The application offers a card swipe framework to give users an easy and interesting mobile shopping experience. Mebly can be characterized as an application that offers an attractive appearance, an easy to view interface and simple framework for mobile viewing. If you have experienced Tinder, you know what to experience with Mebly too! The application makes it effortless for customers to browse through a site with ease and finesse.

To learn more about Mebly and decide the future of your store, visit here.

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Is Your Store Ready For The Great Mobile Shift?