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Let your Mobile Commerce Fly High with Our Insane Methods- Part 1



Everybody knows that the ecommerce industry is the fastest growing sector in the larger retail and commerce industry. While so, mobile commerce is growing at a much faster rate and would soon leave ecommerce miles behind. Given the fact that mobile usage is becoming more popular choice than desktop usage, mobile commerce will soon become the trend. However, there is a large fraction of eCommerce retailers who have not yet accepted and opened up to the fact. They still do not pay heed to offering fully optimized online stores that are responsive to use for mobiles. As a result, they are left to dust.

If you think these are not strong reasons enough to convert to mobile commerce, here are a few stats that should knock the door of your data driven brain.

  • There are 3.65 billion unique global mobile users.
  • 34% buyers use their mobile device usage for product searches.
  • Over 1.2 billion people use mobile devices to access the web.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop.
  • 61% buyers develop a better opinion about brands that offer mobile experience.

After reading these statistics, it is no rocket science for everyone to understand why mobile website and app of an online store is important when converting strangers into loyal customers.

Why Choose Mobile Commerce?

The use of mobile devices is constantly raised. According to Statista, 7% of the global mobile phone population accessed the Internet from the mobile devices in 2015; these numbers are expected to grow to a whopping 61.2% by 2018. The impact of mobile is now at an all-time high.  Smart Insights report that an average user time in US spent on mobile devices was higher at 51% as compared to any other desktop devices at 42% in 2015.  Google itself reported that the search volumes in mobile phones have increased than in desktop devices. Between June to October 2015, 52% traffic on Google came from desktops, which were surpassed by mobile devices in November 2015. It is quite evident that delaying mobile website and app for a retail business is going to result in the loss of not just customers but more.

Insane Methods to Make Your Mobile Commerce Fly High

In order to deal with such problems and make your mobile commerce plan effective and reap benefits here are some useful and insane tips. Let us check them out and understand what suits according to your plan.


When life is simple, it’s beautiful, no one likes complicated stuff. There is enough stress in a person’s life so there is no use of adding to the stress and complexity when they are shopping. Complex designs cluttered in a website with unnecessary elements only make things worse for you. Simplicity highlights important elements, improve navigations and heightens the overall customer experience, so go for simple. Take Etsy as an example, you will get a clear vision of simplicity on a mobile app.

Need For Speed

Most people do not wait when a site loads slowly or have some technical glitches. Take it personally; you too won’t like to browse through a site that takes time to load, irrespective on any device. Only a certain percentage of customers wait for about a few seconds more for a site to load, but then again, they are the loyal customers and have experienced better from the same site. It is therefore necessary to optimize your mobile site and app in terms of speed. Preload information most users look for to mask short site delays and keep customers happy.

Choose Scrolls Not Clicks

The modern day customers look for quick and fast solutions. They do not like to wait, especially when they are trying to just browse. That’s why it makes sense to ensure that the site scrolls continuously instead of the one that makes a customer click on several pages just to view a section of products.  Amazon is a great example to prove how continuous scrolling works brilliantly.

The Search Box

The major objective of your mobile app or mobile site is to make things easier for your customers, facilitate the process of finding information and helping them in their search for products.  So placing a search bar on top to ensure that your customers can find their desired product without much navigation or clicks is a great way to please them. In addition, the search bar helps in analyzing the preferences of your customers and the products they like. This data is great for future marketing strategies.  Always place the search bar in a point where it is easy for customers to locate it.


We have a few more insane tips for you to make mobile commerce fly. With all the tips, you can implement a mobile strategy that work wonders. Comeback tomorrow to know about few other tips we have in store for you.

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Let your Mobile Commerce Fly High with Our Insane Methods- Part 1