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Let Your Mobile Commerce Fly High With Our Insane Methods- Part 2



In the previous part of this blog, we have explained mobile commerce and the current market situation for mobile commerce. We also shared with you a few of our insane tricks and methods that you can include in your mobile commerce strategy to reap benefits and make your retail store fly high. Continuing the streak, we will give you some more tricks and tips about mobile commerce so that you can make changes to your marketing strategy where necessary and enjoy the profits.

A Quick Recap:

A simple mobile site that loads fast, has a search box and continuous navigation is the best bet for a wonderful shopping experience for your customers over the mobile. To know in details you can always go back to our previous blog here.

The Large Buttons

Large buttons are an effective way to keep your mobile customers active and glued to your mobile app or website.  The mobile screen is small and it is often hard to see or click on a link because of the size. It is quite inconvenient during shopping to click on the wrong page accidently. Larger buttons allow better visibility in a  mobile device and gives your customers the scope to enjoy their shopping experience on any device. The primary target of the mobile app or website is to make the experience easy for customers, by imbibing large buttons, you just make everything easier.

Better Payment Choices

The ever increasing cases of online identity theft, credit card frauds etc. are leading people to become skeptical  and careful about all the online choices they are making. The trick here is to gain the trust of the customer and keep it. To do this, add different payment choices which are also secured. A customer not willing to use a credit card should always have the choice of using an online wallet service. Similarly, a person you wish to use net banking should have his bank listed. Better payment choices deliver better results.

Always Keep Links Decluttered

The phones these days are smart phones and they have touch screens.  Quite naturally, any touch screen would find it difficult to operate a website or app in their device if it has too many links and buttons. Scrolling through relevant information and then finally clicking to get the information can become a daunting task. This type of experience can create roadblocks for a customer and he may lose interest in making a purchase Do not make your mobile site and app button or link heavy. Keep it to the essential and minimum.

Product Comparison is Necessary

Ensure that you have a product comparison feature enabled and optimized on your mobile commerce site. Every shopper wants to make an informing purchase and they do not want to feel cheated. A product comparison option does not only make  them feel their opinion is important, but it also reflects  that as a seller you too want them to make the right choice.  By helping them with their buying decision you build credibility for your brand, which brings in more loyal customers. Ebay is a great example of a site that offers product comparison features.

Some additional tips:

  • Optimize your mobile site’s content with the best keywords.
  • Test your site on different screen sizes.
  • Remove duplicate content/error pages.
  • Test your mobile site on multiple browsers.
  • Resize images and content.


2015 was a fabulous year for mobile commerce industry and with time this industry is going to flourish and see more prospects. Consumer behavior is changing and with it marketing trends are also changing. Though it might be a few years before mobile commerce becomes mainstream, it is always better to be there already than to be late. Playing catch up can cost a retail business fortune, so develop a mobile site or mobile app for your store today and  ride the wave.

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Let Your Mobile Commerce Fly High With Our Insane Methods- Part 2