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Looking For Digital Transformation Solution-What to Look for In A Vendor?



In this modern time, it is not possible for a person to live without technology. People have become so dependent on technology that performing day-to-day task without it has become challenging. Life is all about convenience now, so anything that works quickly and makes life easy attracts a lot of attention from people. Moreover, these conveniences are diligently followed by everyone. Over the years, the digital aspects of the world have grown at rapid pace. Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops have forced people to invent technologies that would make their life much smoother.

The recent trends of business have revealed the uprise of e-commerce industry. All thanks to technology, people perform most of their day-to-day transactions through these portable devices. From grocery to medicines, everything is now bought online. All a person needs to do is type the address on the mobile browser and the rest is cakewalk. Owing to such trends, it is essential that every business should have an online presence. Without an online presence-an ecommerce store, the business is soon going to lose out its competitive edge. Any company wanting to make its mark in the ecommerce industry should have proper digital set up.

Digital transformation makes it easy for new players as well as old players in the market to create impactful presence. In order to ensure that the transformation of your business to this digital world is a smooth one, you would require a digital transformation vendor.

Choosing a Transformation Vendor

Choosing the right technology vendor has become a crucial issue for business leaders. When a company decides to transform themselves digitally, and they lack the required skills in their staff, they look for technology vendors to help them out in the process. So, how do you pick the right vendor for the task? And, how can you be sure that what he informs you in the sales presentation is what you would get? There is no simple answer to this because selecting a digital transformation vendor is like choosing a spouse! The right choices can aid you to gain strategic competitive advantage while the wrong decisions will lead to a frustrating result with a budget gone out of control. Moreover, the wrong decision will slow down your digital transformation momentum. You can try several things like reading reviews and doing some online research to find the best company, but these are all basic steps to select the right partner.

To find the right vendor for the job, you need to look for a few characteristics in a company. These characteristics will ensure that your selection is wise. Here are 5 characteristics that you need to look for in a company that offers digital transformation.

Workable Solutions

While looking for a digital transformation company, the first essential characteristics to look for would be the workable solutions offered by a company. The company of your choice should look into the entire process from designing to developing of the website. The quality of the site, production, performance, reliability and user features should all be the part of the workable solutions offered.

Digital transformation is not only about a brick-and-mortar company’s first step to the digital world. It is also about the support that it should receive, to plan its digital strategies and prepare itself for the digital age. Your technological partner should offer you the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for digital transformation. Every business when setting an ecommerce store requires certain minimum viable product to reach customers and make sale. A good company should offer you all this and more so that your digital transformation is a hassle free experience.

Secure Platform

Any person would primarily look for security of the site from web hackers. Being the owner of an e-commerce site, security of the website platform becomes all the more vital. Security inspires customer confidence while ensuring that the data protection legislation is not violated. Reputed and reliable vendors will always choose to offer Magento as their choice for a secure platform. They would always use the updated version of Magento, in this case Magento 2.0. As Magento is easy to use and include a wide range of security methods and payment processors, performing monetary transaction is safe here. Ecommerce industry runs on financial transactions, Magento 2.0 just makes everything easy and dependable.


Every business looks for two things when opting for digital transformation- scalability and affordability. An ecommerce business with an intention to grow will think of having a digital presence. So, such a business needs a solution that would grow with it. At the same time, this scalable solution would not cost anything extra. Magento 2.0 offers scalable solutions that grow with the site without making a hole in the pocket of the business owner. A solution provider will offer you the option of using a platform that can cope with large demands and huge website. Magento can deal with 500,000 products on a single site and process 80,000 orders in a single hour. Your vendor should offer a scalable solution that yields power and generates peace of mind.

Yields Return on Investment

An important fact about ecommerce is-the slower a site, the lesser it sells. Visitors look for user-friendly sites that will not consume their precious time and perform only the functions that they want it to do. There is a direct co-relation between the website performance, conversion rates and the revenue. A good site, with less loading time and hassle free performance can result into better sales. Better sales imply better returns on your investment. By choosing the right vendor, you might pay a little more than your budget, but when the results generate in more sales, you get the perfect return on your investments. Needless of saying, the top vendor will use Magento 2.0 and will explain the process on how you get your return on investment.

Domain Specific Experience

Every ecommerce business is unique, and they are related to different industries. The food, grocery, travel, consumer goods, technology, sports all are a member of different domains. Based on the type of industry and its interactions with customers, an ecommerce solution needs to be identified. The requirement of a sports goods site is quite diverse from that of travel. A good vendor offering digital transformation solution would understand that and have proper experience in handling projects for several or one specific domain. Domain specific experience guarantees that your vendor is capable of handling various issues that may arise during the process of digital transformation, which are related to the particular industry. Magento 2.0 is the perfect platform for all domains. The tool is capable of supporting any industry in its online endeavor to reach more customers and deliver smooth user experience.


Digital Transformation is an important process and any company making a move to the digital domain, needs an expert guide to show them the way to achieve success. Magento 2.0 plays a crucial role in making the ecommerce presence for a company much stronger. An ideal vendor would always suggest the use of the latest update from this platform because the latest version has features and fixes that surpass excellence.

Rasbor is a digital transformation company offering full-scale digital services that help a company to boost its online presence while helping them generate revenue from this presence. To know how we can help you, visit our website.

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Looking For Digital Transformation Solution-What to Look for In A Vendor?