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Magento 2.0: Best Practices for Programming



Most often you will face problems with bugs and extensions in your Magento 2.0 site. This is not because of Magento but because of certain programming errors that you as a developer or your developer have missed out.  An easy solution to this problem is your adherence to the common programming best practices for Magento 2.0.  Not only will the practices help in reducing bugs, but it will also improve the quality and maintainability of the extensions you are using.  Here are few best practices that you should follow.

Following a Set of Coding Standards

By now you may already know that coding standards are a set of guidelines that describe how a code should be written.  The standards define the coding practices which determine the style of the code. The style of coding is crucial for a solo and a team of developers when working with Magento 2.  Following the set of coding standards will assist in making your code maintainable and consistent.  Magento 2.0 coding standards are based on the following:

  • PSR2
  • PSR4
  • Zend Coding Standards

If you are using Magento 2.0, then PHP_CodeSniffer tool is of great help if you stick to the right coding standards.

Re-Usable Code- Writing and Utilizing

Avoid any redundancy while coding. Duplicate codes, make things more complicated. Instead of just copying and pasting the same code throughout the application, create a single class or method reference when needed. As a general thumb rule, be sure to reuse a code as much as possible.

Being Consistent With Naming Conventions and Cases

As a developer you should always be consistent about the naming conventions for the folders, files, classes and methods you use. Following standard conventions will make the code you use look professional and easy to read.  If you avoid this practice of coding standards, then it can be considered as the violation and impact of extension’s readability and maintainability.

Composition over Inheritance

For a novice class inheritance and object composition are very complex and critical terms. To simplify, Class Inheritance is an object oriented programming concept that allows the reuse of code and the extension of the behavior of a base class. Whereas, Object composition is another concept of programming that combines class objects and data types to create a more complex class.

Developers from Magento suggest and encourage the use of the object composition feature over class inheritance. Object composition can make your extension easier to maintain, especially when class changes occur and update of new feature needs implementation.


Everything has a standard to ensure that the best results are achieved. When it comes to your business, you would surely prefer the best results as the stakes are quite high here. In case of Magento 2 these are the best standard practices of coding that can yield beneficial results for your business. S next time when you are developing the site, do not forget to follow them.

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Magento 2.0: Best Practices for Programming