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Magento Imagine- Get Prepared For The Big Event



It’s finally here! Magento Imagine, the event that all ecommerce business, Magento enthusiasts and open source experts have been waiting for is here. Just another day and the pre-imagine party begins. With all the excitement and hype among people, this year’s Imagine Conference is going to be a huge hit. Needless saying, the event is over booked. People participating in the event have already left to reach the venue on time.

Imagine, an event that brings imagination to reality, started six years ago with a grand vision- to connect global ecommerce ecosystem. After so many years, this event brings together more than 2500 commerce experts, merchants, agencies, technology providers from more than 45 countries in one place to advance, inspire, educate, collaborate and party!!!

By now, you all know that this year the event is being held at Wynn, Las Vegas from April 11 to April 13 2016. The Pre-Imagine party is on 10 April 2016 at Wynn, Sunset terrace. Pre-Imagine starts from 4 pm in the evening, so take ample rest before the event and keep your best attire ready.

The Essence of Magento Imagine

This year Magento has planned special events and sessions for attendees. As attendees are going to learn hard, they are going to party hard too. Magento 2 would be a vital topic this year, and most discussions, sessions and seminars will be guided towards it. There is going to be no lack of discussion, networking, eating and pampering. Magento and all the sponsors of the event have seen that people attending the event have no doubt left in their mind about anything related to ecommerce and Magento.


As Inspire is one of the primary pillars of the event, Imagine has curated inspiring and insightful keynotes from some of the experts and visionaries of the industry.  Speakers like Earvin Johnson, Mark Lavelle, Jamie Clark, Steve Fusco, Steven King and several others are going to create magic with their knowledge and open the door of inspiration for everyone. The previous Imagine events have seen equally important visionaries’ leaving their mark on the minds of the attendees; this year is not going to be different.


Imagine has taken care of its event pillar Advance by revealing company’s latest strategic directions through Magento executives. In the event you would be able to find out about new platform developments and solutions available to partners, merchants, developers across the Magento ecosystem. Advancement is all about maximizing your investment and exploring the unlimited possibilities of commerce.


Education is a must in the event. This pillar is what adds value to the entire seminar. Imagine Commerce is a three day engaging event of General and Breakout sessions. Along with these, Special sessions and Networking Events will be hosted to help you develop your business. Here in this event you will gain the winning advantage with best presentations, practices, skilled training, merchant case study, one-on-one consulting and more. You would also discover new products to help you in future from the Sponsor Marketplace.


Collaboration, another strong pillar and motto of the event adds networking to seminar. Just one lasting connection unleashes new opportunities for companies. Imagine opens doors to several such connections. The event brings senior executives, merchandisers, marketers, developers and commerce experts all under one roof. This is a platform to meet new people, share ideas, technologies, strategies that transform commerce. Here you will have the chance to build relationships, drive partnerships with innovators and leaders.


Finally, Fun and Enjoyment is an important part of any event. With all the learning, skill training, listening to discussion all the enthusiasm that you have mustered for the event might fade down. Imagine has taken care of that too. In this event networking is done in an open and engaging system. The attractive events, the Opening Night and the Legendary Evening Events are going take away all your fatigue and any lack of interest from your body. Topped with mouthwatering snack, dinner and drinks Imagine is definitely going to deliver one wonderful global event.

Few Pointers Before You Go…

With Magento Imagine just around the corner, there is no time left for delay. Now is time for action. If you have not reached venue yet, hurry and make it on time. Make your last minute preparation and don’t forget to enjoy. Share your experience on social networking sites, use tags like #MagentoImagine, #RoadtoMagento etc to share your experience and learning with people who could not make it to the event.

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Magento Imagine- Get Prepared For The Big Event