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Magento Imagine- What We Learnt and How It Went


Magento Imagine- What We Learnt and How It Went

The human body has connective tissues which allow it to remain connected with the vital parts of it; similarly, conferences are the connective tissue of the IT industry. They are also a vital strategy for open source related business. Conferences are the perfect opportunity to present new concepts, identify new trends, trade innovative ideas, build partnership and long lasting relationships. When business and passion connects together, magic happens. One such event is Magento Imagine; this event has more than its fair share of all the elements we mentioned a little while ago.

It has been a few days that the event is over, and like all other good things, Imagine came to an end with a positive note and a promise for the future. The three days of Imagine and the Pre-Imagine party went so fast that we already miss it and we are sure, every person attending the event will experience it too. For people who have missed, here is a glimpse of what happened.

The Pre-imagine party was spent relaxing from the journey, meeting friends and making new friends. The party mode was over and it was time for some serious business. The first day of Imagine started as usual with visiting sponsor stalls, learning about new products, taking part in groups and discussions, listening to the new trends of the eCommerce field. There were food and drink everywhere, developers and business executives everywhere. The day was an interactive day for building a community and partnership with fellow Magenticians.

The Second Day

To everyone’s surprise the second day began on a completely different note. The Imagine Magento General Session started with music. Drums, violins, saxophone, guitar played among all the 2500 attendees heading to the main stage. As soon as they finished, the next spectacle started which was run by Jamie Clark, the great host of the event. It was a great prelaudium for the event. But what was to come next was much better, meaning the important announcements, revelations, etc. from Magento CEO, Mark Lavelle. A few things he shared with everyone at the event were:

  • The global reach of Magento,
  • The most integral Solution partners (did you know, there are more than 300!),
  • Categorized technology partners to show the kind of ecosystem Magento wants to create.

While explaining and introducing the technology partners, Mark categorized them as follows:

  • PayPal- Payments
  • Fastly- Real-time content delivery network
  • Dotmailer- Email Marketing Software and Marketing Automation
  • Automated Sales Tax Reporting & Filing Tax Jar
  • New Relic- Software analytics tool
  • Temando- Intelligent Shipping and fulfillment Software

Mark recognized and introduced the Magento Community during the session and honored the best Makers, Mentors and Movers of Master Magento Program.

The Major Announcement of the Day

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition was introduced in this session. The cloud edition is a platform and service offering that enables quick deployment of fully customizable, scalable and secure web storefront combined with solid hosting and managed infrastructure. The Magento Enterprise Cloud edition is designed to support digital commerce software. It takes advantage of the architecture and functionality enhancements provided by versions 2.0.5 and onward. This version would be available globally from May 1st 2016.

The launch of the next generation marketplace was another important announcement made at this general session. The official Magento extension store offers merchants a simplified user experience to discover curated, high quality products and services. These features extend the functionality of their Magento stores and aid to deliver ever more engaging experiences with customers. In the next generation Marketplace, merchants will enjoy the ability to quickly discover new services and products that extend the functionality of the store. The curated extensions in this Marketplace have undergone a manual code audit for a higher level of quality assurance. They also have new editorial content to highlight the functionality and the innovation in the solution. In short, a single stop resource for everything that is Magento.

The Third Day

The last day was an important day for several developers and merchants present at the event, one of the reasons being Magento Imagine Excellence Awards. This award is an official Magento award for the best online stores around the world. The best of the best were awarded from several categories. It was a true honor for all the winners! Besides the gala event, there were other discussions and forum based for developer and merchant requirements in the modern industry.

The second general session was all about Magento 2.0. Here attendees discovered the performance status of Magento 2.0, which is doing real good. Important news came into the limelight during this session when it was announced that that the Magento Commerce platform has been adopted by the Franport Airport Group to power a first of its kind airport omnichannel commerce experience for Frankfurt Airport travelers. Kai Schmidhuber, SVP of Multichannel at Fraport AG, shared the best practices behind Frankfurt Airport’s successful launch into omnichannel commerce. He said,

“Bringing this level of convenience to our customers is a reflection of our commitment to not only stay ahead of the technology curve, but to deliver great travel experiences to all who pass through our airport. With Magento’s digital commerce and order management technology, we’re able to pioneer a new way of delivering value to our customers and retailers alike.”

In this session it was also announced that in June, Magento will release Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 and Community edition 2.1 that will feature new functionality and capabilities. Both the versions will include new payment functionality and user interface improvements. The Enterprise edition will offer enhanced staging, preview and Elastic search. You can learn more about it here. In Q3 of this year, developers will also enjoy new Magento Enterprise Edition B2B Module.

That’s all the major learning from the event that everyone needs to know.


Magento Imagine Commerce is already over. It was a great few days, and everyone had a blast! Attendees got the chance to talk to each other, specialists, Magento officials with the added bonus of meeting interesting people. Everyone will cherish the friendship they made in this event, and keep working on the agendas that threw so much light and the changes it brought. It is time for everyone to go back to work and start working for a better Magento user experience.

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Magento Imagine- What We Learnt and How It Went