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Magmi- The Best Tool for Product Import In Magento



Magento Mass Importer or Magmi is a tool for Magento that assists in importing large amounts of data. Magento developers can vouch that importing large amount product details or codes has been a bugging bottleneck problem for Magento users. While importing large data, the importing process becomes time consuming and toilsome for the developer. Moreover, a person has to import data on a one-to-one basis to make things work as desired. The Magento Data Flow process is doing a lot of work when it is importing, but for some stores, like e-commerce, that needs thousands and thousands of data or SKUs, the onboard import tools proves nonfunctional.

In short, it can be said that the onboard tool has,

  • No ability to import multiple images for product, gallery or similar pages
  • No capability to cross or up sell related items
  • Incapability to import categories, or
  • No ability to include tiered pricing.

There are expensive solutions present in the market that will serve the purpose of curing the problem of data import in masses, but one tool that everyone can agree to be the best in the like is Magmi-Magento Mass Importer, and the best part is, the tool is free. Several tests conducted by several developers delivered positive results, even our developers at Rasbor, are very satisfied with it. Magmi has the capability to import as many as 50,000 SKUs at jet speed.

Magmi-How to Get It

Magmi was developed by developer Seb Bracquemont, who deserves accolades. The tool is not an extension for Magento. Rather, it is a collection of PHP and other files that can be installed anywhere virtually, as long as the file can be connected to the Magento database. Any person interested in downloading the file can find it from two different sources:

  1. Sourceforge.net
  2. Github.com

However, Github.com has the latest updated version of Magmi and it is not a vulnerable file as explained by Trustwave security vendor. Developers can choose between these two sources to download the file they think best suited. Installing Magmi makes life easier. When you need to import from a remote CSV? Or you need to update image options, Magmi can do all this with dexterity. Users can also create all categories needed for a website quickly and activate them with equal agility.

Using Magmi

The Magmi home screen is not a user-friendly interface. Any ordinary person visiting the tool can easily understand that the home screen was designed by a developer and not a UI designer. No matter what the look is of the application it gets the work done and that is what counts the most. Magmi is a highly functional tool that has the capability of mass import, category creation and its activation and more. Whenever you are changing a setting in the tool ensure that you save it in accordance with the current profile or it will not be applied while doing a Magmi import.

The greatest treat that Magmi offers is its sheer versatility of importing all kinds of products, including bundles and configurable products. Magmi also works fine when importing a CSV or SQL file. Magmi as a tool offers several functionalities. You can build scripts to run automatically, which can pull a file from remote server and update the products by using cron job. Ecommerce companies can benefit hugely from this. They no longer have to update inventory and price manually, all can be done in a moment.

Send My Gift Implementing Magmi

Send My Gift, a reputed online gifting store, established in the year 2015, offers easy gifting solution to customers. With over 7000 sellers providing custom gifting solutions through SMG, the company is becoming a leading name in the field of online gifting service. As an upcoming giant in the field of gifting, Send My Gift came to us for site digital transformation. After analyzing their website thoroughly, we highlighted various technical and non-technical problems to them that needed rectification.

Rasbor pitched in several ideas to make the website perfect for visitors. Among several such ideas, which were later implemented to complete the project. Rasbor integrated the best practices followed by a good e-commerce platform to give Send My Gift a personal touch. As SMG had several SKUs that needed to be present in their website, Rasbor deployed Magmi to do that. The software is compatible with Magento and by far the most popular choice. Magmi made it very quick and easy for us to import data to the client site. With the help of the tool, Rasbor reduced its operation time by several minutes and delivered the client desired results on time.


Despite a few backlogs for bypassing DataFlow, Magmi gives developers the edge to import large amount of product data in a very little time. Nevertheless, the tool is not for Store Owners, it requires a person to posses the knowledge of how Magento creates products and attributes. Person using this tools should know and have a thorough understanding of store views, attributes, product types, etc. Ignoring a few shortfalls, this tool is an excellent addition to any Magento expert’s kitty. An ecommerce business can always rely on proper product upload and update when their developers are using Magmi. Do you use Magmi? What are your experiences, share with us on our Twitter and Facebook page.

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Magmi- The Best Tool for Product Import In Magento