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Maximizing Marketing Potential From Events



Any marketer’s job is to identify the moments that matter to a consumer and then generate conversions based on those moments. In this multi-screen world, leveraging live events on social media can prove to be a powerful way to start conversions and engage consumers online. So how can you maximize your brand’s marketing punch? One obvious way is to encourage meaningful social engagement during events based on thorough research into existing conversions. Using events for marketing potential is a robust strategy that takes the conversations to next level.

In this blog, we have tried to present you the framework for marketing during events and a marketer proceed with his strategy during the live event. You will get a better understanding, so next time when there is a major event like Magento Imagine, you can use some of this techniques to build your own marketing potential.

Listen and Evaluate

It is essential for a brand to listen to what people have to say. Capturing the focus of consumer can be very tough. When you listen to what they have to say, what they want and what they are thinking from online conversations about an event, you understand what they expect to receive while attending the event. An ‘ears to the ground approach’ will help you facilitate the ambassador to build in conversations that are more exciting and answers the customer’s queries. It is also essential to check whether your brand is relevant to the people attending the event. Once you have listened to the audience and confirmed your relevant tie, start with an engagement plan.

The Engagement Plan

In your engagement plan, the event time plays a crucial role, so it is important that you have a plan before the event and during the event. Identify your opportunities and any potential threats you may face during the event. There will be several brands in an event who would try to do the same, so the competition is always high. Decide on the type of content you require for the event, get approval and start writing it. Plan smart content relevant to the event. When you plan for the event, do not plan because you want sufficiency but because you want unbridled success. Always have a contingency fund to deal with posts that have gone viral and spread your message further through ads.

Activating the Plan

Once the plan is ready, it is time to activate it. As a lot will be happening, ensure your social media team is ready to mobilize. You can push pre-created content live while monitoring real time conversations on different platforms. Create images and target captions to reach your audience. If you are working for your client, engage your client in the entire activity for speedy results.

The Reviewing Process

Post event, you need to measure the effectiveness of all the initiatives you have taken. Review how you can enhance your reach the next time. The results generated in one event will be able to tell you how your strategy went, what were its weakness and strengths.

The Building Blocks of Success

A plan cannot be full proof if you do not have the four building blocks to host a thriving marketing campaign in an event. Here are four building blocks listed that would help you to maximize your marketing potential in events;

  • Building personal relationships: Take the time to engage with the audience. Learn people’s perspective and their interests. Analyze ideas as to why your brand or product should appeal to these customers. Talk to all visitors of the event. Then generate interest through social media outlet. Tweet status updates, share posts and photos about the event live on Facebook. Create your own hash tag to reach audience easily.
  • Build brand and increase awareness: When hosting or attending an event, you can convey your message, as you want on your own terms. Take lead of this situation and contact media so they can create a feature article to help you reach wider audience.
  • Generating Leads: Getting email address is the best way to generate leads and to generate them during an event can be little tough. You can simply choose the traditional method by having a signup sheet or you can also hold events or contests for gathering email addresses.
  • Following Up With Clients: Just because the event is over does not mean that your marketing efforts are over. It is more essential now to follow up with the people you got email addresses of. Keep the buzz going by emailing them, tagging them, calling them or in certain case visiting them.


Whether an event is like Magento Imagine or like an online seminar, or even a fancy gathering, these plans and tips will aid you in maximizing your marketing efforts for your company. If the tips are executed properly, a marketing event can create excellent outcome and generate better leads for the sales team. So, Happy Planning!

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Maximizing Marketing Potential From Events