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Mebly, Our Native Android and IOS App for Magento



Mebly is our indigenous android and IOS app designed for Magento. The application offers a card swipe framework to give users an easy and interesting mobile shopping experience. Mebly can be characterized as an application that offers an attractive appearance, an easy to view interface and simple framework for mobile viewing. If you have experienced Tinder, you know what to experience with Mebly too! The application makes it effortless for customers to browse through a site with ease and finesse.

Mebly, when implemented presents a card based UX that alleviates viewers from the discomfort of the “infinite scroll”. The infinite scroll is not a healthy option for mobile sites. Within a short span of browsing they force viewers to lose attention from the site; without the infinite scroll reading becomes more enjoyable. The app gives admin the ability to create an environment for viewers, where they feel a sense of incompleteness as they have not reviewed every option available. Hence, they keep coming back to the mobile site repeatedly.

A Magento mobile application renders the benefit of easy integration with an existing Magento store. Having this app and using it enables the capability to manage web store and the app all from one common Admin panel. If you are looking for more mobile traffic and more visitors on your site, Mebly is just the right kind of application you need.

Why Mebly?

The modern market scenario is quite different from what it used to be a few years back. Ecommerce has gained prominence and now mobile devices are gaining momentum for people to stay connected with other people, markets and activities done anytime, anywhere. The millennial group has introduced and taken over the shopping pattern of people by using Smartphone’s everywhere. People have come to see the benefits of mobile devices in a new perspective. Owing to this behavioral change in trade mobile applications for ecommerce stores as well as brick and mortar stores have become integral.

Owing to such trends and changes, an unexpected symbiotic relationship between good user experience design and rich analytics has emerged. A relationship that you can put to good use for knowing more of what your customers want. Better learning about people using your site always equals an advantage-You. Mebly aids, to engage your viewers learn and get their things done without difficulty. This helps you to bring new customers and keep old customers coming to your site. It offers an unparalleled experience of online shopping.

It is about time that you should own a mobile app for your Magento ecommerce site! Here are five reasons as to why should you change your regular mobile site to our new swipe card framework mobile site:

5 Reasons to Transform Regular Mobile Site to Card Swipe Framework

  1. Increases Customer Engagement
  2. Increases Site Visits and Conversions
  3. Increases Time spent on App
  4. Easy Navigation with Attractive UI
  5. Simple Checkout to Reduce Cart Abandonment

5 Reasons to Choose Rasbor’s Mebly App for Your Store

  1. Create an easy to view and navigate site that viewers love in a mobile device
  2. Card Based UX can yield a powerful by-product: Data
  3. Easy social login feature for customers to reach a wider audience
  4. Customizable interface as per viewer demand
  5. As there are no programming limitations the app grant adequate scope for performing feature enhancement.

Benefits for Customers

A good brand always thinks about its customers too, so when you we designed this application; we kept the benefits of your customers in mind. Mebly offers the following benefits to customers:

  • No more scrolling with the Card Swipe Layout
  • Ease of Creating Wishlist
  • Simple Checkout with Guest Checkout Feature
  • Magazine Feature where customers can see likes and reviews of a product
  • Hassle free payment solution with COD option availability

5 Reasons Your Customers Will Love Mebly

The application is not just going to benefit them, but it is also going to make them happy. As your customers meet with an unmatched user experience, they would also find your Mebly enabled app useful. Here’s why:

  1. Social Media Login for easy share
  2. Simple 3-step Checkout Process
  3. Unique Digital Window Shopping
  4. Remove Repeated Products on Swipe (by clicking on a cross that appears on top right corner of the card)
  5. Attractive user interfaces that customers will love.


Mebly is a wonderful application known for its sturdy performance and effective results. When developing this application for all Magento stores we kept in mind the importance of the results that the app is going to reflect. Moreover, an application is necessary in this fast growing mobile commerce world. A business needs to strive and keep their customers loyal and connected. Our app Mebly does that and more. Since its development, we have implemented this tool for several of our prestigious clients with appraising results. Our native app for Android and IOS phones ensure that your ecommerce business strives successfully while you receive data for future winning endeavors.

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Mebly, Our Native Android and IOS App for Magento