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Mega Menus: The New Language of Smooth Navigation for your Ecommerce Website


Rasbor_Mega_Menus_The_New_Language_of_Smooth_Navigation_for_Your_Ecommerce_Website (1)Have you seen those super easy menu structures used in some of the popular ecommerce websites like, Amazon, Alibaba, Jabong or Pepperfry? They all use the “mega menu” concept that has been around for a while now. This introduction has indeed made life a lot easier for the online customers.

On a site that has too many products on offering, visitors usually end up puzzled with a complicated menu. This eventually leads them to leave the site without any conversion. However with mega menu, navigation becomes much smoother with a refined structure that allows the customers to easily find their desired product in a matter of seconds.

What are Mega Menus?

Mega Menus are extensive navigation panels that are either seen in the form of drop downs or the categories slide open from a global navigation bar. While you can see the drop down menus in most of the Indian ecommerce websites nowadays, for example Jabong, Alibaba and Snapdeal on the other hand feature the one that slides out to the right.

As you hover around the categories you can see the subcategories opening up subsequently. This design helps you view all the sub-categories in one single large panel. These designs can be used on any type of website, PHP, HTML 4.01/HTML5, PSP or XHTML. Usually the CSS code is implemented to design the pop open feature along with style, fonts and colors. To facilitate easy editing, the menu file can be HTML, .js or PHP file.

These menus are definitely not fit to be used by all websites, but are rather relevant for the online shops.

What Makes Mega Menus a Hit?

If you own an ecommerce site that features apparels, shoes, accessories and sports items for male, female and kids as well, you sure cannot put up a traditional drop down menu. This will end up confusing the visitors who will then leave the website untimely leading to loss in conversions. The usual drop down menu is fit for smaller or medium sized websites. If you really value your customer’s convenience and feedback, mega menus (perhaps with HQ images) are the best way to ensure that your customers are able to find the desired products without any hassle. While this menu design makes the navigation panel user-friendly, it also helps convert the impressions to sales in no time.

Mega Menus are a hit due to their many advantages:

  • Arrangement of the titles, icons, images and the colored texts show the product information on the web page more apparent;
  • Facilitates ease of navigation with decreased page scrolling;
  • The number of columns allows the sites to feature several pages;
  • The product information is presented in a more organized fashion with concept layout makes the customers stay on the page for longer period;
  • Clear display when you hover the mouse over the separate tabs making each of them become individual presentations;
  • With the visual aids it leaves a better impact on human memory;
  • Some menus can even contain icons or key notes that will highlight the most significant product information for the customers.

How does the Mega Menu Appear on your Website?

When you open a website that features Mega Menu, at the first look you will see it as any other traditional navigation menu. For example, one of our projects “Sports 365” displays its main menu items as Racket Sports, Team Sports, Cycling, Fitness, Golf, Hiking & Outdoor, Shoes, Fan Gear, School Shoes and Nutrition. But, when you point the mouse over these menu items, it will open up into sub-items that consist of pages and categories in an ordered list. For example, under the main category “Fitness” you can see sub-items like, Swimming, Gym Equipment, Running & Walking, Training, Boxing and more with further sub categories under them.  

How to Categorize Products using Menu Levels?

It’s awesome if you have some prior knowledge, but it’s not that difficult for the first-timers to understand either. You can simply allot the pages and categories of your products to various levels, such as if you look at Diamonds Factory, you will get a clear picture of the format. The “1st menu level” comprises of the main categories like, Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Wedding, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Gifts and more. Now when you place the cursor on “Engagement Rings” category you will see a drop down with three sub-items that specify the different styles, shapes and metals to choose from.Then these sub-items list the 3rd menu level that features sub-categories like, classic solitaire, cluster engagement rings, side stone rings, three stone rings, etc. under “Style” OR Round, Oval, Pear, Heart, Radiant, Princess, Emerald and more under “Shapes” and so on.

Sakhi Fashions is another great example if you want to refer to a fashion website that deals in apparels, jewellery and accessories. It boasts of a super responsive mega menu design that opens up attractive images in the 3rd menu level. Visuals leave a lasting impression on any customer, enticing them to convert the impressions to sales. The site features it 1st level categories as Promotion (Sale), New Arrivals, Saree, Jewellery, Accessory and more.

When you hover on one of them like, “New Arrivals” it pops open a 2nd level menu as Sarees, Ready2Wear, Accessory, Jewellery, and Blouse. Now when you move your cursor on each of these sub-items, they display high quality relevant images rather than text which is unique.

As you can see that there’s such a vast grouping required for these products, Mega Menus are the best design option for such websites to showcase their products to facilitate easier navigation for visitors and enhance sales numbers.

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Mega Menus: The New Language of Smooth Navigation for your Ecommerce Website