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Mobile Commerce App- Do You Need One?



With all the hype about mobile commerce fading down a notch, it is time to get excited and see how useful and effective some of the technology used for mobile commerce is. If you are planning to create a mobile app for your ecommerce business, you may consider taking a look at some of the latest details and statistics. You are investing your money on mobile commerce, so it is essential to know whether this latest form of technology can help you get business and reaping profits in the long run.

When Are Consumers Using The Apps

A study conducted by RetailMeNot asked mobile shoppers  how often they use their phones or tablets to shop through apps. The results of this study are surprising. While many people do use retail apps on their mobile devices to shop, they do very infrequently. Over 57% use their app once per month. However, only 10% people from the study use their apps more than once to make shopping purchases. People who use their applications  on a daily basis might encourage you to develop an ecommerce app, but you need to be sure first about the numbers.

How Many People Use The  App

A very small amount of users keeps more than 2 retail based app on their phones at any given time. In fact, only 39% have one or two apps. 21% consumers do not have any such applications available at all. Before you develop an app or plan to launch it, be sure that your customers will your mobile app important, attractive and easy to use. Mobile memory is not huge and apps can only use all of it, so carefully develop app which will not be deleted in favor of entertainment.

Back to The Web

People still getting acclimatized with Smartphones, especially of a particular age group avoid using complicated features in their mobile or tablets. Though they may download retail apps sporadically they do not use them due to fear of complication. These customers will mainly visit a mobile site than use a mobile app so mobile commerce still remains important and one of the prime contributors to ecommerce today. In fact, study show  people are more likely to visit a mobile website than use mobile app. Studies also reveal that there are certain tasks while shopping online which customers prefer to do with mobile apps while there are others tasks that they prefer doing on a mobile website. In either case they use mobile commerce, but change the mode of use. For example, to check products and review people use mobile apps, while to redeem coupons or check store hours they use the website.

When you are planning to implement a mobile app for your site ensure making them loyalty programs friendly and based on stored value cards.


Mobile commerce is important and there is no denying the fact. However, it is crucial for an ecommerce company to know what is important first so they can focus their attention and  funds in the right direction. Do you need a mobile friendly website first or a mobile app, or do you need both? Plan your ecommerce requirements and funds before you decide on a move. Despite the less use of mobile app they are important as within a few years mobile apps for shopping is going to become indispensable. Choose wisely!

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Mobile Commerce App- Do You Need One?