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Mobile Commerce for Dummies



You may have heard the word mobile commerce several times, but do you know what it is? Whether you are a simple customer or an expert in the domain of marketing, mobile commerce has been catching your attention for a long time. If you are new to it and want to know more about it, this blog will help you. Here we explain the basic concepts about mobile commerce so everyone, including retailers looking to enter the field of mobile marketing gets their basic knowledge about the concept clear.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile commerce also known as m-commerce is the proper use of the wireless handheld devices like tablets, mobiles phones, etc to conduct successful commercial transactions online. Mobile commerce is a commerce field that is developing at a rapid pace. The term includes the purchase and sale of a variety of goods and services, including online banking, bill payment, information delivery and similar services.  It is a form of marketing that allows customers and sellers to come together at one place, like their handheld device and offer easy to use services or product shopping experience.

Breaking Down Mobile Commerce

The range of device that can facilitate mobile commerce is increasing in number every day. As the range of devices now include tablet computers and smartphones, there is no stopping mobile commerce. The increasing adoption of the electronic commerce provides a strong foundation for mobile commerce that forecasts a very strong growth trajectory in the years to come.

The quick development and growth of mobile commerce is basically driven by few positive factors- the demand of applications from an increasingly strong consumer base, the quick adoption of online commerce with the amalgamation of the resolution of security issues, technological advances that have given wireless handheld device the extra capabilities and substantial power of computing.

5 Mobile Commerce Basics to Know

  1. By creating a mobile based on your understanding of what your customer needs, you make a winning score in the field of commerce. Create a streamlined app and mobile website because research shows the top sites to restrict themselves only to a few primary tasks.
  2. People using mobile phones rarely multi-task and have a particular objective in mind when performing a task on the device. As the mobile has a small screen size, simplify the complicated procedure and make your site user-friendly.
  3. Consumers spend a small amount of time on mobile as it permits less bandwidth. An ideal mobile app or site permits consumers to do what they need to do and then simply move on.
  4. All business must react to technological changes but also remain practical. Following every new mobile commerce trend can prove expensive for the companies and annoying for the consumers, so think wisely.
  5. E-commerce security is crucial and a primary need. Consumers should be protected and well informed  about their protection measures. Spend extra time and money for data security measures.


The future of mobile commerce is promising and filled with interesting prospects. The rapid advancements of technology will bring in a few more changes but all for the good of commerce. A recent eMarketer study showed that by 2017 more than 25% of all online retail transactions will happen in the bigger paradigm of mobile. Given a few more years this number will increase. So if you want your business to have the winning advantage, it time to go Mobile!

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Mobile Commerce for Dummies