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Mobile Commerce Statistics That Will Change Your Way of Doing Business



Pull up your socks and get ready for a statistical awakening if you are looking to know some very important facts about mobile commerce. Mobile shopping is huge and a retailer who has not taken a step towards it now will soon fall back when the judgment day arrives. Mobile shopping is not limited to mobile optimization or mobile search, but the entire mobile experience that includes conversions and searches performed over the device.  In this blog we share some very crucial numbers and stats, which will change your perspective about mobile ecommerce and help you to take the step forward.

Mobile Searches for Local Business Information Converting to a Purchase- 78%

78% of business information search done on a mobile converts to a purchase, true! This is a mind boggling numbers. The percentage of searches performed on a mobile device is more than searches performed on a desktop device.  According to ComScore, 61% searches convert to sale in a desktop, 64% in a tablet and 78% on a mobile. Mobile users constitute the most valuable segment of customer these days because of their likeliness to convert. As mobile searches rise, it is crucial to focus on this user segment to deliver what they need. So if you have local business, optimize the mobile search today!

Mobile Shoppers Using Mobile Coupons-75%

As mobile shopping increased, paper coupon redemption saw a decline. Nobody wants to carry around a bunch of papers, when everything can be done with the help of the mobile device. Smart mobile marketers can understand and see this trend quickly; they knew that mobile coupons were the next item to focus.  Humans love deals and discounts, hence they use them. A study from Key Ring shows, 75% mobile users use mobile coupons than paper coupons. It also reveals 80.4% of shoppers opined that their view about a retailer improves when they offer mobile deals or coupons. So get creative with discounts, focus on upsell and start targeting shoppers geographically.

One Third of All Ecommerce Purchases from Mobile Are Done During the Holidays

Several surveys conducted every year during the holiday revealed that people shop more during the holiday season than during any other time. Interesting finding from the data of the holiday shopping showed that nearly 40% of purchases of the total shopping done were made from mobile devices. Black Friday especially saw a huge spike in sales made from mobiles. We know that Black Friday is the special time when shoppers wake at ungodly time to shop for big screens, vacuum cleaners and everything electronic, while on Cyber Monday they go for cyber items, but both these days see extra sales made from mobile, which is quite huge in numbers. This trend is increasing year over year by 50%.

Consumers Spend More Time on Mobile Shopping than Desktop Shopping

Online shopping now is more of a mobile activity than a desktop one. Comscore data shows 44% of retail Internet minutes are spent on mobile phones, while 11% of retail Internet minutes are spent on tablets. So a total 55% Internet minutes are spent on mobile devices.  More than half of all time spent is spent on mobile shopping experience. It is your duty as a retailer to create a shopping experience now that appeals to the mobile users. You can use the swipe card framework and design a mobile app for your store to make things better and easy for your customers. Increase your mobile checkout process to increase sales.

The End

Most ecommerce professionals are getting ready with their mobile commerce strategy and techniques to stand the test of time when mobile ecommerce takes its control over shopping.  However, the disconnect comes between knowing it and doing it.  Hence, optimize your site for mobile search. Use long tail and Hummingbird queries, and develop a mobile app that is easy to use. Give users the best experience. If the statistics are true, then you have to take strong actions to survive the competition.

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Mobile Commerce Statistics That Will Change Your Way of Doing Business