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Mobile Marketing: What Are You Doing Wrong?


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There are certain surveys that claim mobile marketing to be the most difficult marketing practice for any online store. Is this really true or just another excuse made by the technologically challenged people? Where certain companies see the process to be difficult others see it as an opportunity for engagement. Though most ecommerce companies have started using mobile marketing to engage, retain and attract customers, they are all doing it wrong. A few tweaks to the mobile strategy implementation can take your mobile marketing from just okay to truly awesome.

An Essential Lesson

When learning new technologies or implementing them, it is essential to look at companies that are already doing it and expert in this field. Gilt.com is a suitable example. With mobile notifications on mobile screen for customers they are leading the way.  The mobile strategy of Gilt.com has three facets- customer data, personalization and customer power. Using their mobile app the company offers these three facets. They combine marketing automation along with mobile marketing strategies to deliver satisfaction.

Mobile Marketing That Generates Results

Integrating mobile commerce into our strategy does not have to be difficult.  Follow these steps to implement mobile into your omnichannel marketing strategy, but with a twist.

Building Customer Profiles

If If you are marketing over mobile to customers, you do not understand yet, then you are doing it all wrong. Take time to know your customers , understand your target audience, use mobile in a way that works for them and not you. The entire process should feel natural and useful.Customer profile is more than just tracking their buys and likes. It’s about understanding their life cycle and analyzing them for the future. Mobile marketing automation is a great way to build customer profiles know your customers and see the highest ROI in return.

Sending SMS

You are using SMS messaging, use it as SMS messaging. Do not treat SMS messaging like email marketing. If you do, you will do it all wrong. All mobile marketing text should be short and to the point. It should be direct with no excuses.

Personalization and Response

If you are sending SMS and automatic responses on an immediate basis to shopper behavior, you are doing it all wrong. And if you are only sending daily or weekly texts, even then you are doing wrong. Successful mobile marketing is about balance. You need to find the balance between regular timing and responsive timing to be a step closer to customer engagement.  It is also important to know that this balance is not about increasing engagement in general, but also a long way toward fighting shopping cart abandonment.


Mobile marketing is not just an option today’s always-on the world. Use good texts, insightful content, enticing deals that fits to your overall customer life cycle. With customizable mobile marketing apps present now at every price point, the choice is really yours. It is high time that you should start doing thing right.

Mobile Marketing: What Are You Doing Wrong?