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Pinterest Business: Boost your Retail Sales and Traffic


Pinterest_Business_Boost_Your_Retail_sales_and_TrafficPinterest is a relatively new, visually engaging social platform that attracted us mainly due to its high-quality and vibrant images. From education or DIY & crafts to films, fashion or wedding it has it all. Earlier, you could create online photo collections, share them as “Pinboards”, simply pin an image that you liked or download a specific image from others pinboards. But, now Pinterest is an evolved social networking platform that also offers you an opportunity to boost your website’s sales and traffic, just like Facebook and Twitter.

Oh Wait! You can even buy your favorite stuff from Pinterest with the help of “Buyable Pins”! Isn’t that cool? Well yes, while Pinterest is beautiful, fun and super easy, we are also quite excited about it’s whole new makeover over the past few years. So let’s dive into the colorful world of Pinterest and let’s see how you can make your pins work for your business..

Why Choose Pinterest?

Pinterest has always been a solid platform for retailers and brands. But, with its latest introduction for retailers ,you can even add product description now. Besides, customers also have a choice to buy your products directly from the site.

There’s no stopping digital marketing right now, and with Pinterest Business you are getting just that opportunity. With shopping campaigns like Product listing Ads that work on cost per clicks (CPC) gaining popularity by each day, Pinterest’s marketing tools are aimed at the same objective.

Pinning your Product

If you want your business to be noticed and products to be sold, you better start off with pinning your products. Follow the steps below to pin your products the right way:

  • Make sure that the images are original, creative and of high-quality;
  • Add relevant and trending pins that ensures customer engagement;
  • Add a “Pin It” option on your website or product pages, so that one can directly Pin the images from your page or site, or add a Pinterest logo on the product images that appears when someone hovers the cursor on the image;
  • Keep an eye on which images are being pinned more to decide which ones to add to your board in future;
  • The description should contain the keywords that the users would search with;
  • Review your analytics periodically to keep a tab on the progress.

Using Product Rich Pins

A special type of Product Pins, “Rich Pins” offer you a platform to boosts your usual pin’s performance to a level where it enables the users to take action on it. This is more than just an image and includes addition info product details, title, price, availability and a click-able link.

You simply need to sign up for a free business account with Pinterest, and avail of the data feed (optional). Rich Pins help remind users of your products by sending them email alerts whenever you slash the product price. Not just that, it ensures an increase in click-through rates by pinners and enhances your product’s visibility by shifting it to the Gifts section as soon as you add a price to it.

Understanding Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are just like promotional campaigns by other social platforms, where you can set a target audience, and increase visibility and conversion of your products. Whether you want to build your brand by advertising pins using Cost Per Impression (CPM) or using Cost Per Click (CPC) that drives traffic and sales, is entirely your choice.

What we like here is that promoted pins attract visitors even after the campaign is over, according to Pinterest claims.

Introducing Buyable Pins

Launched in June 2015, Buyable Pins is a level up from the Rich Pins as you can now even buy products from Pinterest, directly. The prices are featured in Blue, while it gives you the option to filter products by price. With the concept taking baby steps, you can now make a purchase using only your credit card or Apple Pay.

Your payment details are sent to the seller, who then takes care of the order and the customer service. Pinterest, we hear, does not make a dime out of the sale proceedings.

Connect with a Retail Partner

Pinterest is also a social networking platform, though we have not been looking at it that way. It has options galore to connect with other users like:

  • Repinning other users’ products;
  • Liking a pin by clicking on the heart shaped button;
  • Adding comments to pins by other users;
  • Sharing pins with other users by sending your pins to them;
  • Tagging users using the @ sign followed with the username of the individual;
  • Sending private messages to other users.

Other Stuff you can do on Pinterest

  • Use of Hashtags

Use Hashtags wisely, as it’s not the same as on Facebook or Twitter. Hashtags are only specific to pin descriptions, and NOT for business or board descriptions.

  • Giving a Personal Touch to your Pinterest Profile

Considering that it does not offer you a lot of customization choices, you can therefore, personalize your Pinterest profile. For example, you can add a profile pic, use your preferred username, and post a business description. You can even add your location and your website.

  • See What’s Trending on Pinterest

To see the most popular pins that are trending currently, go to the drop down menu and click on “Popular”. It will pull up the trending pins on the current timeline. This will help you stay in sync with the current trends and offer you ideas on what to pin.

  • Access Pinterest Analytics Page

Clicking on the “Analytics” tab will take you to three sections: Overview, Profile and Audience. Further clicking on them will show you a detailed report on daily/monthly impressions and viewers.

Digital Marketing is evolving, and with Pinterest fiercely getting into this field, it’s upto you whether you are able to exploit this opportunity to your benefit.


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Pinterest Business: Boost your Retail Sales and Traffic