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Referrals- The Path to Successful Omnichannel Retail


Rasbor_referrals_path_to_successful_omnichannel_retailWhile conducting a research, Google found out that 90 percent of online shoppers commence a transaction on one device but do not complete this transaction in this device. Rather they complete it on another device while expecting continuity and consistency along their way. That being said, the secret spice to omnichannel success lies in discovering the perfect spot where offline and online retail unifies to create a smooth customer-centric experience, determining a strategy which guarantees that your multiple touch points and interfaces are a normal extension of each other. Referral programs are one of the primary components in the strategy of creating a successful omnichannel.

Referral is a process of alluring your customers to widen positivity about your brand in offline and online market. Programs designed on multi-channel approach leverages the marketers’ ability to alter customers into brand advocates with exceptional results. A program on omnichannel referral can help you to delight your customers from the finding phase of a sale to the transaction phase by thoroughly and steadily delivering the brand message at multiple online and offline touch points.

Nielsen reports that 84 percent of consumers trust the referral system. They would believe in the referrals sent by friends and family, visiting the sites, signing in and more likely buying something, if the brand is recommended. Any referral app or feature on a website helps to generate high quality traffic that is worthy of making conversions. According to the New York Times, 65 percent of all business of an online retail store comes from referrals. There are several rewards program in the market based on referrals strategies, the programs work great for brands generating leads and contributing to its omnichannel presence.

An omnichannel program approaches the referral process from the customer’s point of view.  If you have a referral program for your brand, embed that referral program across all channels and increase its effectiveness based on the following actionable techniques.

Online Techniques for Omnichannel Presence

  • Design a useful landing page to promote your referral program through site pop ups, emails, text, social media and even through outbound messages.
  • A click trough option from an email sent from a friend makes a brand more accessible to the receiver of the email. Further, it increases potential customers.
  • The best time to catch user response is directly after payment is confirmed. So, embed a referral box at the end of the shipment notification email or online process. You can also send text reminders to the customers with order confirmations.
  • Encourage customers to share their buying stories through social media, incentivize them for that.
  • Expand your social outreach through messaging tools and applications.
  • Develop a mobile application compatible and dedicated to your website. Ensure that the application delivers an uninterrupted shopping experience across any mobile device and browsers.

Offline Techniques for Omnichannel Presence

The link embedded in an offline referral reminder should have easiness in it. People should be capable of easily remembering them. You can include QR code to serve the purpose. The referral reminder, QR code should all direct the users to the referral agenda landing page.

  • Always place a reminder sticker on the delivery box, including a flyer or a thank you card with invoice or acknowledgement receipt.
  • Put in a refer-a-friend offer on the billing slips.
  • Use in store promotional cards that generally track backs to original store and also the sales associate giving them out.
  • If you have a customer service department, schedule one of the customer service consultants to talk about the referral program to the buyer while making after purchase confirmation.


The discipline marketing is facing rapid and radical changes. The concept and techniques now focus strongly on building an incorporated brand presence across several channels. A winning omnichannel referral program can attract the attention of the customers at strategic points in their shopping journey and induce them to become brand ambassadors through several elite incentives. A positive omnichannel program guarantees that no matter where your customers go referrals and with them the sales will follow. The missing link between success and glory in the omnichannel retail industry is referral. Without these earning success is toilsome.

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Referrals- The Path to Successful Omnichannel Retail