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SMAC Stack- The Next Industry Trend



A very popular trend sweeping the industries across the country has revolutionized the way organizations serve their customers. Known as SMAC Stack, this resource has combined some of the most effective tools available to deliver sizable improvements to efficiency, production and overall quality.

What is SMAC Stack?

SMAC stack is a concept that makes use social interactions, analytics from big data, mobility and cloud technology to simplify customer experience and boost productivity. A very good example of SMAC Stack user would be Netflix. By using mobile technology, Netflix uses analytics, cloud technology and social input to deliver a superior service.

While this is a benefit for a movie streaming service, how do you think manufacturers can benefit from it?

How Manufacturers Get Started

Many manufacturers do not have any large IT departments. Implementing the four components of SMAC can aid to propel production forward in their direction of growth and increased efficiency.  By properly making use of these innovations, one can improve company operations and prepare their team for future manufacturing trends that are yet to achieve fruition.

Four Components of SMAC


The internet usage and connectivity has been on a rise. Social media has opened the door for manufacturers to connect to people across the globe and exchange information to further improve their products and services. These platforms have also served as the starting point for sharing ideas, which can turn to innovation that can be used for real life application. This aspect of SMAC has been one of the primary reasons for the popularity of the social sites. By connecting to customers online, manufacturers can be present and resolve any negative comments surrounding the social media.


The mobility aspect of SMAC is already a trend where employees are syncing their tablet and mobile devices to their workplace network. By doing so more individual responsibility for each team member has increased along with productivity. The need for IT involvement has also become limited. Customers of manufacturers can also take advantage of the various innovations used at offices and factories to engage with customers and discuss services or release of new products.


The analytics portion of SMAC stack is its driving force. From the very basic how of products to the how’s of customers, analytics have been used to accumulate useful data that is worthy of processing and development. This is the data tool that crunches the numbers, which is highly crucial for stimulating growth and identify the areas for improvement.


Cloud technology has reduced the need to worry about the security of any physical location. Operational technology is no longer confined to a simple data warehouse. Manufacturers can quickly and effortlessly store important data wirelessly for easy retrievals. Cloud technology also gives access to several resources that you’ve uploaded for customers to address their specific needs. It is a complete win-win for both parties involved.


By integrating SMAC strategy, your entire organization is gaining a lot. This is leaner and smarter way to use technology to your advantage while gaining deeper understanding for what is required for a long term sustainable data collection strategy. Using SMAC strategies improves the process of data mining and accumulation. The Combination of social, mobile, analytics and cloud can also help to streamline internal operations. The more you learn about SMAC the more innovative you become to cope with the changes in the future.

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SMAC Stack- The Next Industry Trend