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Subcom- The Subscription Extension from Rasbor for Magento



Subcom aka Subscription Commerce is one our best extensions for Magento. The extension works perfectly fine with all versions of Magento and is a great source to achieve recurring revenue. This extension extends the Magento abilities further. Subcom is a subscription tool that supports simple subscription of products using flexible settings and sells them on a recurring basis.

Why do You Need Subscription Ecommerce

A modern ecommerce companies needs something new, an out of the book strategy that will make its stand exclusive from all the other competitors in the market. Our Subcom extension does just that. It is the tool to help you turn your regular ecommerce into subscription commerce. Subscription commerce helps you to:

  1. Generate recurring revenue,
  2. Streamline fulfillment process,
  3. Increases customer lifetime value,
  4. Increases customer engagement, and,
  5. Gives you a stable forecasting of sales.

Features Offered By Subcom for Admin

The extension for subscription has been tested thoroughly to offer you with the best experience of subscription ecommerce. It offers several wonderful features to admin, so they have better control over their site and visibility on stable analytics. Some of the features include:

  • The extension handles the following payment gateways: Paypal Pro, MoneyOrder, Saved CreditCard, Paypal Website Payment Pro, authorize.net.
  • You can create bundled subscriptions or single item subscriptions and alter frequency intervals to your customers’ liking.
  • You have full flexibility in setting subscription duration, definite or indefinite (ongoing).
  • You can offer binding contracts or non-binding contracts and let the extension keep track of your customers’ obligations.
  • Set up as many different subscription plans as you like with extreme flexibility in products, pricing and shipments.
  • You can create a tier based subscription offering with membership levels like Platinum, Gold Silver etc.
  • You get handy reporting/insight tools to monitor you customers’ preferences in regards to type of subscription, duration, product mixes etc.
  • Allows you to customize the subscription binding contract while creating plans based on days and months.

Features Offered By Subcom for Customers

Subcom has something for your customers as well. As admin you get the rights to several things to the site as per you requirements, but to ensure that these changes work, you require the customer to enjoy value services. Our extension Subcom offers the following benefits for customers:

  • Customers are capable to alter their subscriptions to their liking. This includes changing shipment date temporarily or permanently.
  • Your customers can add and remove products from their subscriptions and have multiple subscriptions set up to their account.
  • Your customers can cancel and/or pause their subscription online, subject to your implemented policy.
  • Your customers can monitor their purchasing history and remaining duration of contract if on a binding contract.
  • Your customers will feel in control of their contractual obligations to your company with full transparency and flexibility.

Why Choose Subscription Commerce Extension?

With such competition in the market, it is quite obvious that you would ask yourself why to buy Rasbor’s Subscription Commerce Extension. We understand your queries and requirements. Hence, we offer five unique reasons to choose us:

  1. Create subscription plans for single as well as multiple products,
  2. Create tier based offering with membership levels like Silver, Gold, Platinum,
  3. Create subscription plans with binding contract, free trial period, gifting options etc.
  4. Get handy reports of when your customers are adding or removing products from subscription,
  5. Integrate autobilling with Paypal Pro, MoneyOrder, Saved CreditCard, Paypal Website Payment Pro, Authorize.net

If these reasons are not sufficient to prove the extensions effectiveness, here are some of the useful features that your customers will enjoy:

  1. Choose alacarte products along with subscription products
  2. Add/Remove products from existing subscription schedule
  3. Cancel/pause subscription at point in time
  4. Change the subscription frequency, billing address and also transfer it to anyone
  5. Feel in control of their contractual obligations to your company with full transparency and flexibility

Some New Features We Are Trying To Add

These are some of the new features we are implementing on this extension. Our intention is to give both you and your customers a unparalleled experience with Magento and you ecommerce site.

  • Ability to set recurring schedule on product page (if grouped attribute “product_template” = vm_reorder) then show the recurring section (see image to the right)
  • Ability to edit/set recurring on cart page per item (See Image). Only for children that have attribute “recurring” set to yes.
  • Ability to set default shipping cost for recurring orders
  • Ability to add contract shipping cost for specific subscriptions
  • Ability for customer to modify recurring subscriptions.


We have designed this extension keeping in mind the perspective of both the buyer and the seller, and we are still adding features to improve user experience to the highest quality. The ecommerce business is not an easy game and with Magento as the best platform for ecommerce sites, choosing extensions for smooth workflow can become real tough and often confusing. Our Subcom extension guarantees visible results and repeated customer visits.

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Subcom- The Subscription Extension from Rasbor for Magento