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Ten Chatbots from ecommerce you don’t want to miss!


Ten Chatbots from Retail and eCommerceImage Credit: tickto

As the Artificial Intelligence is evolving, industries like Retail and ecommerce are using chatbots to provide enhanced services to their customers. We bring you today ten of the widely used chatbots in retail and ecommerce domain. Try yourself from below list of chatbots:

1-800-Flowers: This one is Mark Zuckerberg’s favorites. When he revealed that he is opening up Messenger for bots at F8, he declared 1-800-Flowers as one of his favorites. He said, “It’s pretty ironic: To order from 1-800-Flowers, you never have to call 1-800-Flowers again.” The bot seems handy for th of June-2016 i.e. last year, about 70% of the people who ordered through the chatbot are now 1-800-Flowers customers.

H & M Bot: It utilizes Kik Messenger. It can build out outfits for you around any piece of clothing. Customers can chat with it to get fashion advice and it will direct them to H & M’s ecommerce website and help its customers in buying anything they need. Like other beauty and fashion brands, H&M uses the H&M Kik bot as a brand extension tailored towards customizing the user’s shopping experience. The chatbot begins with a friendly conversation as it asks a few questions about the user’s style by presenting two photos labeled as 1 and 2. It asks the users to pick one out of them. This way, it is more entertaining than being a hassle.

Sephora: Like H & M, Sephora bot is also on Kik Messenger. Along with its presence on Kik, it’s also popular on Snapchat. Few of the instant messages initially are kicked off by the chatbot as,” “Hi, welcome to Sephora!” with the second message as “Get makeup tips and reviews by chatting to us.” It can also help the customers by showing them how-to videos and several product reviews. Over 275 million users of the messenger dedicate over half an hour per day on an average on the app, the core market of the app being the younger millenials or the Generation Z. The ultimate aim of the Sephora chatbot is to convert these users into paying customers too!

Hello Barbie, Mattel: It’s a companion chatbot built into a talking Barbie Doll enabled by the Wi-Fi called Hello Barbie. A unique feature of the chatbot is to be able to remember things from previous conversations and keep users engaged over time. Some of the things the chatbot remembers is favorite color hope for the future, which startups the users think they are cool etc.

Ask Rachel from Tesco: Tesco telecommunication’s Ask Rachel chatbot has been billed as the “Head of the customer service”. The chatbot has been developed into their website and it answers questions asked by the customers regarding phone deals and service. Besides this, users can also utilize the chatbot to do a small friendly talk chatting about her family and pets. A new version of the Ask Rachel chatbot was added to the Tesco Broadband website in November 2012. With this, Rachel was able to answer questions about broadband and home phone services.

Yoko, Toshiba France: Toshiba France’s first line customer service chatbot is named Yoko.  Users having trouble with electronics and using the company’s products cancount on Yoko for answers, some of the questions ranging from battery not charging and no picture on TV etc. It handles the issues it is programmed to handle and can escalate the complex issues and queries to human representative when needed.  Released in October 2013, Yoko is a 3D talking avatar and is specifically customized for Toshiba France. Since she is connected to the Toshiba Europe customer databases, she is able to know each customer’s warranty status and can propose the most appropriate solution to resolve each technical issue. Being connected to Toshiba Contact Center’s e-ticketing system allows her to immediately create tickets and notifications when there is a need of transferring queries to a real person.

Online support, Viewsonic: One of the Electronics giant has a chatbot built into their website to provide customers with answers about the questions and information about a wide range of the brand’s product offerings which include TV’s, projectors, tablets, digital media devices, LCD/LED monitors etc. It uses natural language processing technique. All you have to choose your product type and ask the relevant questions using natural language and it will give a relevant and prompt response from the help and support system.

VSPINK from Victoria’s Secret: With over 1 million followers on Twitter, VSPINK from Victorias Secret can be used by the college going girls to find the perfect clothes and lingerie like finding the perfect bra. You can use the chatbot on popular messenger applications like Facebook Messenger and Kik Messenger to talk and it will ask you some of the questions about your current fittings and style preferred. It will then provide suggestions about the right fit. It also suggests innerwear, apparel and accessories for the special days and occasions as well.

Emma from Toys R Us: Toys ‘R’ us, Britain and the World’s leading toy megastore was looking to enhance and improve online customer experiences. Emma has been supporting ToysRus.co.uk online customers with key purchasing information such as Delivery and Gold Cards. Emma is proving to be a real hit among the mothers who are struggling with finding time to find the latest kids’ toys. Since 2011, Emma has been helping Toys R Us’s UK customers and can answer questions about product deliveries, Gold Cards and help them searching for items.

College Stylist Bot/Target College Bot from Target: Target’s college stylist chatbot can be used to help you or your college bound offspring in finding the right clothes, storage solution along with other gear to suit the new phase of life. It is available via the Kik Messenger. It uses IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence to get to know your personal style, pair you with an expert influencer stylist, and help you uncover your new favorite college must-haves.

We presented above ten of the popular and successful chatbots being used today in retail and ecommerce industry. Talk to these bots and do share with us which of the listed ones are your favorites and for what purpose do you use them. Do you use them for information or only for information purpose only? If you want to add chatbots in the list, kindly share your experience on chatting with your favourite brand in comment. Share this article and follow me on Twitter. I would love to connect with you.

Ten Chatbots from ecommerce you don’t want to miss!