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10 Designs Trends for 2016



If you belong to the web designing industry, we expect that you keep up with the latest design trends. Designs trends come and go, and if you lose track for a moment you miss on some great options. Designs are quickly changing and it’s extremely crucial for a web designer to stay ahead of the competition with knowledge on the latest and upcoming trends. Not just that, keeping a tab on the design trends also lets you fulfill your client’s requirements.

But, even if you are not the one who believes in fads, it is still smarter to be informed of any changes going on in the designing industry. This will at least keep you off from using the ones that are outdated. You can even modify them according to your needs. However, design trends are totally based on the user and designer’s inclination, so whether to follow a trend should be based on your business needs and it’s usability.  

Trends do not emerge overnight, but it takes substantial time for the best of the lot to reach its pinnacle. So, while predicting trends is certainly not a piece of cake, we have some of the top design trends for 2016 identified by the creative experts from the industry just for you.  

Minimal User Interface

Minimalism is the word for websites and mobile apps for the moment. According to experts, typography and bold imagery will be in focus in 2016 with additional exclusive features, enhanced User Interface/ User Experience and micro-interactions making your web and mobile experience a pleasure.

Procreation of Responsive Layout

Even though it was an overdose of responsive layouts last year with too many sites looking identical to each other, but with a smooth experience and matured design patterns, responsive layouts are still the major attraction. 2016 will see a lot of this with patterns like, HD hero images (strong visual impact), account registration (allows you to sign up with a social networking account eliminating the lengthy form filling procedure), Card Designs (chunks of information provided in card formats, originally initiated by Pinterest), the well-known Hamburger Menu, and the infinite scroll.

Onset of Material Design

A Google initiative, Material Design will be a great option for those looking for an alternative to the Flat Design. This will help you get a more realistic feel of your site with its shaded effects and the idea of shift and intensity for design creations. The primary aim of this pattern is to provide a neat, contemporary layout with emphasis on user experience. It was initially targeted for app designs, but Google later released the version which is also suitable for websites. It’s based on lightweight coding and not dependent on any specific structure hence, as a designer you can use various front-end developer tools to make a new site.

Full Screen Video Impact

Gone are the days of the traditional slideshows and times have moved ahead to Full Screen Videos rather that helps your website get all the limelight. There is no better way to connect with the website visitors nowadays than using videos on your site, since visuals have the highest impact on any viewer. Besides, you stay ahead in the competition with an innovative approach.

See more, Read less

As mentioned earlier, pictures and videos are the best way to make the highest impact on any consumer. So, if you have a website that’s more based on images, a design that focuses more on images and less on text will get better results. It creates a perfect balance between SEO and user experience by shifting the text based blogs to the sub-pages and the image based blogs to the home page. You can even choose to place any text below the mages on the home page if that’s a requirement. High quality and larger images with more focus on users and then search engine does the trick here.

Mega Menu Finds the Way

How do you feel when you have an attractive restaurant menu in your hand? While you feel like guzzling down all the dishes, an equally enticing Mega Menu described in pictures on your website makes your customer happy. The whole idea is to make the top menu simpler and instead allow the multi-column layout do its job. Keep the minimal approach by providing users an easy way to reach the right category with multi-column dropdowns and attractive images using Mega Menu.

Color Laden Website

A colorful appearance is always attractive, especially when presented with the right colors. Bold and bright is in and hence, you will see more of websites with deep saturated hues which will be used by companies to induce noticeable presence of their sites and to leave greater impact on the customers.  

Return of Gradients

Gradients will find their way through in 2016 with plenty of them incorporated into the flat designs. When done with expert hand, will leave a lasting impression with its visual brilliance and impart richness to the complete design.

More Emoji’s

Who doesn’t love Emoji’s? While we are already used to this fun element in our phones, Facebook or while writing a blog, you will now find them everywhere. You can now perk up even your email subject headers and even product details with your favorite Emoji’s

Storyteller Layout

Graphics with text will help you tell a whole new story using Dynamic storytelling layout. Yes, it’s not new but this trend is surely not leaving us soon. From automated presentations to videos and more, the storyteller layout helps you highlight the product benefits, background of the brand, or any other information that you want your visitors to know about your brand.

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10 Designs Trends for 2016