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10 Smart Ways to Hire the Best Creative Team for your Business



Looking to hire a creative team for your business, but in a very brief period? It often happens that recruiters are under pressure to hire staff quickly and due to the lack of time, they end up compromising on the quality. When it’s about hiring creative people, it requires more focus than other candidates.   

Ingenuity is difficult to find, therefore, it requires equal proficiency on your end too, to hire the right person. People from the creative field such as web designers, graphic designers, advertising specialists or copywriters are a different breed. They are often less focused on the material world and are experts in generating out-of-the-box ideas and designs.

While you certainly need to analyze the creative qualities in such candidates, it’s also imperative for you to understand what makes a great creative person. Let’s find out some smart ways for hiring the best creative team for your business.

Engage in Real Time Conversations

Are you a recruiter who mostly prefers emailing a candidate because you think you are short of time? Think twice, as emailing all the details takes much longer than what you would convey on a phone call. You can miss out on many of the significant details that you could get on a call or in a face-to-face interaction.

Getting into a real time conversation is always a solution to many problems. Involve all individuals in the hiring process, book a phone call and then meet up in person to discuss further. This will not only provide you with a lot of valuable information about the candidate, but will also make all the people involved feel appreciated in the entire conversation.

Find candidates with creative ideas

If candidates really have that creative juice in them, they will simply not sit around and rather start presenting their ideas. It’s as if they cannot hold on to their excitement till they blurt out their proposition. It shows how much they are passionate about their imaginative power, while for some the ideas simply sit out there with no results.

Ensure passion and vision

Creative individuals are a different lot from the usual candidates, hence treat them differently while hiring. Think beyond the usual and ensure that the candidate is passionate, possesses a vision, is honest and is informed of the target market. An ideal candidate would be well-acquainted with the creative industry and possess in-depth knowledge in the art, style and/or fashion.

Look for Innate Skills over Past Experience

Just meeting all the criterias of your job description that coincide with the past experience does not ensure that the candidate is a perfect fit. It could backfire if he does not possess the other most critical skills, like the flair to learn something new, constant hunger, and positive attitude. Also, it is not a smart decision to hire someone with less pay. Someone who gets paid more can finish the job faster than anyone else since he is financially motivated.

Design a detailed job description

A detailed job description can make or break the interview for the candidate. How? When you draft a job description you can ask the candidate to reply back with a cover letter explaining what they understand about us. Your job description should be the reflection of your company’s culture, so that you would know if the candidate has actually gone through it while drafting the reply.. Someone who does not have eye for details is never the right candidate, especially for a creative designation.

Assign a project

You cannot hire someone on your gut feeling. Although the candidate must be having great job references that prove he was excellent, it can well be the fact that the reference was from a friend cum colleague. There could be no better evaluation than putting the candidate’s creativity to test. Assign him/her a project with open-ended questions that would analyze his creative, management and decision making skills.

Know about their reading habits

A good creative person is bound to possess a passion for books and reading. The more they are interested in reading diverse books with different types of matter and content, the more they would know how to connect two different elements into a creative idea. Curious people with varied reading interests, who are constantly inquisitive about anything new happening around make for the best candidate for your creative team. So, it’s always a good idea to ask them what they read.

Meet up face-to-face

We cannot emphasize more on how important it is to set up a face-to-face meeting. When you meet up the candidate in person you are able to judge his/her innate qualities while discussing. You will not just know about the eagerness to learn new things, but will also be able to analyze the candidate from different perspectives. Start with an introduction session; throw in appropriate questions to check their analytical skills, test their knowledge about the industry, check if they ask questions and are curious enough.

Ego is not welcome

A candidate with an inflated ego can be devastating for any kind of business. Evaluate to find out if the candidate you are interviewing is a good creative hire and can lead by example. Check if they are flexible with challenges, inquisitive for good concepts, bold enough to try out ideas beyond the expected, and a good strategist.  

Finish the Hiring Process Fast

Wrap up the hiring process as soon as you can (provided you have the permissions from the senior management) to ensure that you do not lose the right candidate. A right candidate is most in demand and is constantly receiving offers when he is least looking for it. If you do not move fast, they will lose faith in your process (proving the inefficiency in your hiring procedure and efficiency in their decision making skills) and take up another better offer.


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10 Smart Ways to Hire the Best Creative Team for your Business