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The Advantages of Chatbots in Marketing



Chatbots have been in a use since a long time, albeit in different forms. Earlier times were different, today chatbots are much more sophisticated and they are making use of high level artificial intelligence (AI). The Artificial intelligence, in fact has evolved to be so good that many chatbots are indistinguishable from actual humans conversing. In this article we will discuss about chatbots from marketing point of view.

Advantages of using chatbots in marketing:

An entirely personal marketing channel with every customer

Chatbots are a personal marketing channel in themselves. Chatbots, as thought by many marketers today, are a new marketing tool. For some, they are just ‘another channel’, another channel for which they can write on, another channel which they need to monitor. In all, chatbots are very personal channel to gain customers insight.

Chatbots will be the marketing channel of the future. One of the most powerful and usable utilities of chatbots is to gather insights on your customers. Depending on a particular program used by your brand, you can program your chatbot to track your customers’’ purchasing patterns and analyze customers buying habits.

This monitoring ability by the use of chatbots will give you, as a brand a powerful measure of the customers’ preferences for your different products and services. Also, you will be able to know common problems and issues with your offerings.

Another advantage when it comes to marketing is that chatbot can store the information in the form of questions its being asked. This data will help chatbot to further equipped with better customer insight which can be further used to up sell additional products and services. AI behind chatbot will be able to predict future customer needs and hence chatbot will answer the future questions related to the products and services offered by brands.

Chatbots means an effective content distribution strategy

Also, it’s an opportunity to devise brands content strategy as the best type of content is the one which will answer most of the questions which are already being asked by different customer groups.

E-mail open rate, at a low point which is about 20% has been already there since last decade. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest gave us as marketers, a hope for some time, but soon we saw a decline in numbers there as well.

For these situations, chatbots came to the rescue. They are a direct line to your target audience. It’s an e-mail which is not a spam. It’s a social media marketing channel which will not be diluted. Best part is that there is a lot of cost savings with improved precision. Once you have acquired new customers through chatbot, you will never be prevented or stopped by anybody to reach your audience. The only way it would be possible is if the customer will click the unsubscribe button.

The Always on digital Assistant

Yes, the chatbots are your 24X7, always-on helpers. In the growing competition around your brand, you as a marketer have to make sure that the right information or content reaches to the right people at the right time. Sometimes, you need to help your audience in finding the content they want. We have already discussed the role of chatbots as always-on helpers in many aspects, from sales assistants to customer support.

Suppose a customer lands up on your website at wrong page. The customer is not able to find the information which they want. At this point, the customer can take the help of chatbot to be directed to the right page with the right information as needed instead of the customer leaving the site possibly never to return back.

This means that the marketers should relax by feeding in all the content to the chatbots? No! Instead the marketers can count on their chatbot to take over when the customer needs 24X7 support.

A personal friend who listen

Remember, 2014 movie “HER by Spike Jonze”. The chatbot can engage with customer on personal level by catering to all customer needs and by being available as a personal friend 24*7. It will not just use a customer’s first name when addressing them, but more importantly – it can use the information gathered from customers to recommend other products customer might be interested in.

Engagement is crucial part of your marketing efforts. It will encourage your customers to buy your products and services – a path to increased loyalty. A website alone is not sufficient to make the experience personal. A chatbot is used to interact with the customer in a more human way, keeping them engaged.

In the previous era, engagement was limited to only actions taken by the customers or visitors of your website like clicking on a video or leaving a comment on the blog post. Chatbots are changing the trends, instead of just receiving comments or playing a video, a bot can actually converse with your customers. Going beyond just sharing information with your customers’ of selling your product or a service, you can actually build brand loyalty with your customers by using the chatbot for your brand.

To boost your marketing efforts by using a chatbot, don’t treat chatbot just as advertising platform but use it to engage customer on personal level. Brans must figure out other ways of keeping customers engaged. This will help in increasing brand superiority in a significant way. In short, chatbots listen. Chatbots interactions are direct and in-depth insight about how your audience thinks. By scrolling through the logs, you can figure out the issues and how your customers are talking about them. This invaluable information will be helpful for your marketing efforts and will influence every part of your business.

Making transaction effortlessly

Some of the chatbots today can be used to take and process payments. You can successfully use a chatbot as a payment tool to get money from your customers. It will also be an enjoyable experience for your customers as it will take just a few clicks and confirmation from customer over chat. This depends on customer transaction preference and pattern. This is more natural way to increase trust in chatbot to handle transaction, Eventually resulting in higher percentage of upfront digital transaction.

Feedback, which is priceless

Getting feedback from your customers about your offerings can be tedious right? Chatbots can easily reach out to your customers via simple questions and help gathering feedback. This information can be utilized for website optimization. Gathering feedback will help you fix low converting pages of your website and improve your site all around.

There is a huge potential of chatbot as a personal marketing channel. Power of recommendation, up sell and cross sell brings chatbot even closer to customer and your customers will love you for this experience.

Have chatbots helped you in your marketing efforts? Do you want to build a chatbot? Kindly share this article and follow me on Twitter. I would love to know your experience with chatbot in marketing.

The Advantages of Chatbots in Marketing