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The Sure Path to Guarantee Successful MCommerce Strategy



You have heard about Mcommerce and very interested to learn more about it. If such were not the case you would not have been reading this blog on mcommerce strategy, rather looking at the Good Housekeeping magazine probably for a new set of decorative piece of accessory to please your wife in decorating the home. Well, mobile commerce as everyone commonly call mcommerce is the next big thing in the field of digital marketing. Any brand owing an online website now needs a mobile app to stand tall and successful in the mountain of retail ecommerce. With the craze and all the all hype starting now, it is very clear that within a few years mobile apps for successful mobile commerce will become an indispensable part for successful business strategy. You can obviously stall things as long as you want, but it won’t help much if you are to follow the path after a few years.

Mobile commerce is already exploding, and as consumers buy more smartphones, tables and any mobile device, this trend will grow. Why stick to the wires when everything can be experienced anywhere with a very light and compact device? Google has announced a record number of searches conducted from mobile devices than desktops. So there is no more looking back now. Moreover, with the change in Google algorithm with mobile friendliness as a definitive search engine criterion for websites, it times to invest in Mcommerce.

However, before all the hard grinding begins, you need a successful strategy to make the thing click for you. Here are three crucial steps from Rasbor that will ensure your mcommerce strategy to be a hit.

The Ease of Use

Google has made it clear with its recommendation for good search engine results and visibility. The primary criteria is to build a mobile friendly site to make it very easy for customers to navigate through and find what they are looking for without much harassment. Some retailers and brand have gone the extra mile by creating easy to use, swipe framework enabled, mobile apps. These applications are better than mobile sites and delivers personalized shopping experience for customers. What you need now is a mobile friendly website or a mobile app.

The Ease of Understanding

The next thing that Google suggests, is accessibility or the ease of understanding. You need to measure the effectiveness of the mobile site. The mobile site and app needs to be optimized, so users can see what they want, look for them easily, understand the specifications, clear their doubts about shipping and place order error free. To increase conversion rates, accessibility is important and not just for a page, but for the overall site.

The director of e.l.f cosmetics, Lesley Klein offered some words of wisdom.

“Conversion for mobile visitors using site search is four times the rate versus mobile users who don’t use search. With 30% of our online traffic coming from mobile devices, we’re providing a seamless shopping experience no matter how or where people come to e.l.f.”

Hence, while planning the mcommerce strategy do not forget to check the effectiveness of the features you have imbibed on the website. The more optimized the site is, the lower the bounce rate are.

The Ease of Application

The final key to a successful mcommerce is relevance or the ease of application.Customers perform several searches on a  site everyday, you need to ensure that the results generated from the search are relevant, so when customer look for something, the ease of application allows him to see what he is looking for. A more detailed overview of products with prominent items and top searches listed properly, your mobile application will deliver importance in the right measure.


Remember not to overdo things on your mobile app or site otherwise things will look cluttered and not generate the desired results. It is crucial to maintain streamlined experience that relevant so shoppers can find products and move towards purchase quickly.

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The Sure Path to Guarantee Successful MCommerce Strategy