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Tinder Style Swiping-Is It The New App Trend



You don’t have to use Tinder frequently to understand the  most popular dating app and its impact on the culture today. In fact, one of the primary objectives of the app is to ensure that they make a mark on the business world.  However, if you are unfamiliar with Tinder, the app allows you to swipe the screen to indicate whether or not you have been matched with a person and whether you are interested. You swipe left when not interested.  Pretty simple right!

So, now you can clearly understand how this concept may appeal you and how the concept can also work for shoppers. If you look around you will know some mobile commerce companies have already implemented the swipe card framework in their app. Instead of browsing from a sea of products or favoring few of them, customers can specifically indicate which items they can consider for buying. The appeal of this feature for a business is that it can offer you more insights about the items your customers prefer. This could lead to more personalized marketing and better sales.

Customers would find the appeal in the shopping experience that this framework gives. Swiping is a very easy way to indicate their feelings about a product, it is quite exclusive than the typical online shopping experience. And it can improve the shopping experience in the future by only revealing relevant products and texts. The best approach for today’s impatient customers.

In an email to a reputed business company, Tom Capraso, CEO of Clarus Commerce says, “Our digital attention span is short-lived. We want quick, easy, and visually intriguing while browsing the Internet. It takes an extremely shiny piece of information for someone to want to be engaged. Allowing users the ability to flip through content, see an image and instantly make a “yes” or “no” decision is what gives the dating app such a strong appeal.”

However, this does not imply that this business model is perfect for every business.  Companies with huge variety of products or companies that do no want to personalize will not benefit much from it. Moreover, you also need to assess whether customers would really like to enjoy browsing through your products.

Caporaso also thinks that it is a mistake for businesses to assume that adding this feature will immediately affect their sales.  In fact, it won’t lead to buyers immediately, but it would lead to more activity from buyers who are willing to buy. He says, “However, the model does not necessarily parallel with a customer who is ready to make a purchase. It is very well structured for browsing, and perhaps if an item stands out to a user on a significant level, he or she will follow up with a purchase. But when we are online, and we’re already ready to make a purchase, we use search tools to specifically target exactly what we hope to find. The search term ‘jewelry’ is a whole lot less likely to result in a purchase than the term ’24 karat white gold diamond ring.’ The model eliminates the user’s ability to deeply specify exactly what they’re looking for, hence targeting users who are simply looking to browse and pass the time.”

So what do you think of this new app framework that is becoming the m-commerce trend? Would you like to implement it for your mobile app too?

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Tinder Style Swiping-Is It The New App Trend