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Understanding Facebook Ads: How to Make the Most of it?



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While it’s understood that a Facebook page for a famous brand will get millions of likes, there are also many other pages for other blogs or websites that have started off recently and still have thousands of likes. So, how do they achieve it? Do they use PPC ads or how does it work? For the majority of them, Facebook ads have been doing the trick.

Those who have been already using Facebook ads would know how difficult it is to get the desired visibility naturally and gather visitors on your page, and if you are a startup the visibility is almost nil. Hence, it becomes imperative to run Facebook ads for any blog, website or ecommerce startups that are looking for growth.

There are different types of Facebook ads that are available to businesses which are:

Page Post Engagements” is a wider term used for a set of different types of adverts. It includes promoted posts, boosted posts, page post links and page post likes. This process will help you not only get increased visibility, post likes and page likes, but can also engage friends of those who like the page.

To “Boost Post” you have to adjust a few options set by Facebook which are:

  • Selecting from the three options
  1. People who like your Page
  2. People who like your Page and their friends; and
  3. People you choose through targeting
  • Set audience for your posts by selecting target location, choose the interests of people, age bracket and the gender.
  • Set up a budget based on the duration you want the ad to run and it will target a certain amount of people each day.
  • Set up a payment method which is specific to a country such as, for India the only mode of payment is through credit card.

However, you are eligible to boost posts once you have more than 50 Page Likes and you cannot edit boosted posts while the ads are running.

  • Use “Promote Page” option to garner more likes on your Facebook Page. Add relevant text to your ad and a high quality image to your ad to attract more people. Set audience details like age, gender, locations, interests, daily budget and proceed to payment method.
  • Send people to any section of your website using the “Clicks to Website” option. Simply enter the website url, create a pixel, set up the audience and the budget.  
  • Website conversions” helps the audience take positive actions on your site by making them register for demo, make a purchase or read a specific article. Create Facebook pixels to track conversions, finish by setting up audience and budget.
  • If your website has a dedicated app you can direct people to the store where they can log in to your app using the “App Installs” option. Use the “Increase engagement in your app” option to drive more people to use your Facebook or mobile app.
  • Create “Local Awareness” by promoting your website to people who are nearest to your location. Set up a campaign name, set audience and budget.
  • Use “Event Responses” to get more people to attend your Facebook event. If your website is running any offer, “Offer Claims” is just the option you need to promote well-timed discounts or deals that the audience can claim on your site.
  • Video Views” is one of the most engaging options that allows you to promote videos that show captures from behind the scenes, product launches or any other content relevant to your site that enhances your brand awareness. Generate leads with “Lead Generation” from audience who are interested in your venture.
  • One of the newest introductions to the Facebook ads list is “Slideshow Adverts” which makes for a compelling promotion as there can be nothing more intriguing than a visual presentation. This option lets you reach a wider mobile audience across the world, requires less bandwidth and data, is faster and easier to access, and cost effective.
  • Dynamic adverts” on the other hand are for those who have an audience base familiar with your website and mobile app. It helps you manage more than one ad accounts, different pages, and mobile apps and also the people who work on them.
  • Create an engaging ad using “Canvas” or “Carousel” adverts that helps you to promote your website by storytelling method, especially for mobile users. Make your custom ad using a mix of videos, images and call-to-action buttons and feature multiple products at one time.

Once you are done creating your desired ad, you can see that based on the website/business type, Facebook places your ad (by default) in different areas within the News Feed. The default setting includes placements for Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed and the Right Column Feed for desktop (specific for ecommerce sites).

While making an ad, simply keep the 6 key elements in mind which includes:

  • A compelling “Headline” (placed below the image), which is most effective if limited to four words.
  • “Text” placed above the image should be short and crisp limited to 25 characters (max 15 words). Personalize it using words like “you” and include a call-to-action such as, link to the page.
  • Create a strong “Description” limited to 250 characters with choice of quality and positive words.
  • “Caption” it right with not just simply adding the URL, but make it interesting with a creative statement.
  • Choose your desired “Call to Action” from the pre-set options like, sign up, learn more, download and more.
  • Always assign a compelling, high resolution and relevant image to your ad as visuals fetch better response compared to objects.

This was just a rundown of a vast subject that will help you to at least get a fair idea of Facebook ads. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your ads and boost your online business in no time.


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Understanding Facebook Ads: How to Make the Most of it?