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Understanding Mega Menu & Why You Need It



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In the year 2009, the famous usability expert Jakob Nielsen came up with the idea of mega menus. These as he defined, were big and two-dimensional drop-down panel that included group navigation features to eliminate any scrolling problems. A mega menu would also use icons, typography and tooltips to explain user choices. When you browse through an online website, especially an e-commerce one, you would want a smooth user navigation experience. In addition, you would also like the process of searching things to be effortless. The solution to all of this is Mega Menu.

A Mega Menu gives your e-commerce site the edge required to enhance navigation experience. This type of drop-down menu allows the user to choose from any link in one single glance. The top header links also known as the global navigation links are present for most website. They are the primary conduits that allow users to navigate through the site. Mega menu allows you to organize your pages, links and labels and groups them to offer an intuitive experience.

Global navigation links are critical to a site’s success and the key to drive visitors. The structure in which you build your website aids you in achieving the desired results. Finding a mega menu on any site is easy. It is larger than average menu bar, has a drop-down feature and includes several helpful clues for visitors to peruse the site.

Why Mega Menus Are Crucial For Navigation?

As mentioned earlier, a mega menu offers visitors a seamless view of the navigation choices made available on the site.  Any user can find their destination with one click action. Rather than navigating through several links one by one, users can find items or information of their choice quickly. The levels of hierarchy in navigation are reduced with this feature creating better user experience.

Mega menu offers solution to certain challenges that we find in traditional menu. A single unified navigation reduces the chances of accidental menu triggers. It has been noticed, a visitor following a forced path to go to the next link often clicks unwanted items, thereby losing his current item. This creates a bad experience, hindering the potential buyer’s desire to make a purchase.

Mega menus are famous for accommodating different type and size of text with different colors. They assist you to distinguish the different category, labels and tags. Opportunistically, you can use images to enhance the description and drive the user to something you find important or interesting.

In a nutshell, the mega menu approach enables custom design and allows the admin to decide on how he or she presents the navigation options to the visitors on the website. What a traditional menu cannot achieve, a mega menu does. Implementing mega menus require proper planning and a knack for finding the best practices. If you plan to implement this feature, it is essential that you know thoroughly why you want it.

How To Know If Mega Menu Is For You?

If you are planning to implement the mega menu functionality in your website, then you should know about the pros and cons of this feature thoroughly. It is always preferable to hire a transformation agency to do the work appropriate effectiveness of the feature. If you are skeptical about the function, here are a few reasons that will allow you to make your mind:

  • If your site is very large or will have several levels then a traditional drop-down menu is not for you. The process of navigation becomes long and cumbersome if traditional methods are employed.
  • Several sites cater to a varied group of people or a large number of audience. These people have different care-about and needs. Mega menu is a perfect option for them as it allows diversified options for customers.
  • When you have a complex product offering and require some visual cues to allow users choose their options, this feature is a perfect fit for your website.
  • If you want the products you offer, structured in a fashion that will educate or explain new visitors to get a better understanding before they visit more pages in the site, Mega menu is for you.

Rasbor’s Assistance for Mega Menu Implementation and More

Sports365.in a reputed name in the field of sports is a great online store where people can buy sports accessories, equipment and other related products to health and fitness. The brand has performed very well since its establishment, but based on the modern requirements for website trends in current e-commerce market the website needed some major refurbishing. New technologies and features needed implementation along with maintenance for smooth user transaction. When Sports365.in came to us, we discussed their problems thoroughly to understand their requirement. We also discovered additional problems that were being ignored.  We made several technical and designing changes to the site to give it a smooth feel.

Among many such changes, we implemented Mega Menu functionality for them. By associating the images to this menu, the visual experience was enhanced. Any gap in the functionality and user experience of the website was filled. Visitors now have better navigation and multiple options, when they plan to buy something from the website. Our strong sense of customer insight along with Sports365’s commitment and passion towards delivering customers the best sports and fitness solutions has ensured a grand success with the mega menu implementation.

In Summary

Intuitive navigation is a vital component for improving the overall user experience of any website. It will encourage any visitor to spend some more time on the site and return to the site again in the future. Also having a great menu that looks excellent will create excellent first impressions about the website for the new visitors.

If you are planning to execute this feature, use strong visual designs, clear content hierarchy and a unified user-experience to improve the performance of your website. You can also hire professionals who can take your digital transformation to the next level.

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Understanding Mega Menu & Why You Need It