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Using Videos to Boost Your Social Media Outreach



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While devising an effective social media strategy, an important element that must be considered is including videos to attract the visitors. Visual content like photos and videos is way more helpful in building up your brand on social media. So, before planning out your social media strategy, ensure that you have video content also included besides the normal text and photos. We will guide you through the steps that you can take to make this a success.

Choosing the right platform

A little bit of quick market research will lead you to several platforms to host your videos that  are available out there. Before jumping to any conclusion, attention is needed to be given  to the customer base or target audience your company is serving. Every platform has distinct variety of users. It’s your sole purpose to find out which platform has right target audience interested in your niche.

Some of the popular platforms used to attract the visitors using videos are listed below:

1)  Vine

Owned by Twitter since 2012, it supports extremely short videos with maximum video length spanning only 6 seconds. If your company is targeting young people, especially teens, Vine is the platform for you. Since it has been taken over by Twitter, almost 20% of the videos (1 in 5 videos) are shared on Twitter as well. This ensures an increased outreach.

2) Facebook

The most popular and oldest social media platform, Facebook’s 360 video was one of the best innovations of the year 2015. By rotating or tilting your smartphone, you can watch and enjoy the videos from all 360 degree angles. Unlike Vine, Facebook allows a maximum video length of 180 seconds or 3 minutes.

3) Instagram

The popularity of this social media shot up with celebrities sharing their photos with their fans. It has about 130 million users monthly. The platform also aims the same to do with the videos. In 2013, Instagram  allowed users to upload short videos of maximum 15 seconds length to their feeds.

4) Twitter

Like Vine, Twitter allows video sharing on its platform as well. The maximum length of videos can be 30 seconds as compared to only 6 seconds in case of Vine. If you have a decent follower base on Twitter, you can definitely make a good use of it to tract the visitors.

5) YouTube

Google owned YouTube video platform is the best bang for the buck. When it comes to attracting potential customer base, Google will help you out with this. Linking your videos with proper SEO to get high rankings in search results will surely help you get more business and  loyal customers.

6) Vimeo

Last but not the least, Vimeo can be considered as YouTube but in a more ‘professional’ way. Vimeo has many extra features (you have to pay for them though). The difference lies in the business model. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t have advertisements for revenue generation. It also benefits your business as your users won’t have to wait for the advertisement to finish before reaching out to your content.

It allows hosting videos up to 25 GB in size per year.

Now that have chosen the best platform for your videos, the next step in the bigger picture is not far away. In order to tempt users to click on your videos and become your loyal customers, you need to know the right video content that will do the trick. Below are some of the ideas that might help your brand in this social media strategy.

Depending on the platform and what length you want your videos to have, you can decide from the few ideas to get started with:

1) Story Telling – Nothing beats telling a story in connecting the users emotionally to your brand. A short video which is related to your product will do wonders for your video based social media campaign.  

2) Customer Stories/Testimonials – Like using textual or image content to share the user generated stories about your product, you can use videos to record their experiences with your product. A good approach can be interviewing your existing customers. This will keep the potential customer, who is watching the video engaged and emotionally connected to your brand.

3) A short documentary of your process – Maintaining transparency is something everybody likes in a relationship. Be it a personal or professional relationship, v=being transparent is a symbol of honesty and integrity. A short film or documentary of how your product is manufactured stating your company’s mission and vision to help out the society will give you a solid loyal customer base.

4) How To Videos/Tutorials – There are lots of problems out there and lot’s of How To(s) being requested by users. Posting video tutorials helps gain the trust of your users and help your visitors master a new skill.

5) Educative/History based videos – People are curious to know how and what made the biggest of the inventions and discoveries happen. Posting videos telling the visitors about the facts and historical evidences is helpful in increasing their knowledge and in return they become a follower.

6) 3D/Stop motion/Cartoon Animations – A great way to cut down the costs and make loyal customer base. Vodafone has used Zoo Zoo,which has helped them save millions of dollars spent on celebrities who endorsed their products. They have also got a larger follower base who love Zoo Zoo cartoons turning them into loyal customers.

7) Fictional Series – Like storytelling, creating a series works wonders when it comes to video based social marketing. The users who have watched the episode one of your series and liked it, will most likely visit your subsequent videos in the series. What you will get is a fan following which will help you reach new, untapped areas.

Now as we have discussed the role of videos in effective social media strategy, what are you waiting for? Start recording NOW!


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Using Videos to Boost Your Social Media Outreach