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Why Mobiles Are So Important to Millennials



Omnichannel commerce has been a hot topic for quite some time and with innovative in-store digital, mobile experiences and seamless content across several touchpoints it has become all the more important. This omnichannel experience is very important to all millennials. A study conducted by Razorfish in 2015 revealed that,

  • Mobile dominates the millennial shopping experience.
  • Millennials draw no practical distinction between offline and online.
  • Millennials are redefining their privacy expectations.

Mobile is the key to the millennial world and with time it is becoming more and more indispensible as mobile technologies push forward. Most millennials grow up with technology hence the hardly notice any difference between online and offline mode. Most of the times they expect technology to extend into the physical world. Hence, they are less concerned about how retailers will use their data and protect their privacy in providing them personalized experience.

What Does This Mean For Retailers and Brands

Most brands and retailers belong to the generation X. These leaders of experienced professionals can lack in projection when it comes to catering to the requirement for millennials.  If you are a part of the Gen X, then you know the minimally viable cross-channel experience is what satisfies your digital needs.  We are generations growing up in shopping malls, mobile came later to our life, but millennials were like born with mobiles.  In order to make the most of this change, you have to think differently. If your target market includes millennials, do not underestimate the digital divide.

A few things that you can do:

  • Include millennials in the decision making process. This way you get their perspective and know the best suitable way to strategize your market.
  • Collect birth date information. Implement a birth date in your checkout or profile form of your ecommerce site. You can easily classify, segment and aggregate the millennials and understand their behavior and preferences. This method will definitely boost your business.
  • Wherever possible, adopt app-like experiences. Using Tinder like app features and view for your mobile app appeals to all age customers. The swipe card framework is easy to understand and work with for both customer and retailer. The framework also generates useful data for future implementations and changes.
  • Offer mobile payments and customer service options. Choices like SMS and Facebook Messenger service for queries and complaints are something millennials prefer over email or telephone service making mobile all the more important for them.


Millennials love their mobile phones because of the functionality it offers. However, this experience becomes more intriguing when the apps installed in the phones utilize the versatile features of the phone to offer customer the best mobile shopping experience.  As technology progress and new ideas are brought into the field mobile commerce is bound to go big and millennials with their addiction to the devices are going to pave the way for other to understand the benefits of a phone in ecommerce and the experience of quick shopping.

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Why Mobiles Are So Important to Millennials