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Why Should You Use Behavioral Targeting For Better Sales



Once there was the “Mad Men” era, when mass marketing was used to reach people to generate sales. Newspapers, radio stations and even broadcast television were the medium used to reach audience. Every sales pitch or advertisement was generic but still effective to appeal people of different age groups and buyer motivations.

Then came the era of niche marketing, which was a result of technological advancement. As most countries have cable, satellite channels and internet, segregation of groups started with specific focus on niche marketing. Demography based data were generated and sales pitch were made based certain section and age groups. This form of marketing performed very well and generated more ROI than mass marketing.

Today, we live in a world where behavioral marketing is an effective and crucial form used to generate revenue. Behavioral marketing is target based and offers personalized solutions to buyers. This third marketing paradigm has revolutionized the performance of modern sales. Mass marketing was channelized for the entire population, niche marketing was for certain segments of people while behavioral marketing channels individuals, generating more ROI than any other form of marketing.

Learning The Basics of Behavioral Marketing

If you are new to e-commerce business, ‘behavioral marketing’ are two words that you need to familiarize yourself with. In technological terms, it is a method of tracking the click streams of individuals on several websites to understand the interest, intention and purchasing patterns of the same individual to and from advertisements. It is an effective way to offer personalized sales pitch to every person for purchasing a product or service.

Types of Behavioral Marketing

There are two different types of behavioral marketing:

  • Onsite behavioral targeting
  • Network behavioral targeting

Onsite Behavioral Targeting

In this form of marketing, companies tap directly into the browsing habits and behavior of internet usage to analyze the preferences and selections made by a customer. From this characterized data, a pre-programmed content offering is done to satisfy the taste and interest of the visitor. Thus encouraging customers to stay in the site for longer and make a sale.

Network Behavioral Targeting

This type of behavioral marketing is most used by advertising companies. Here companies tap directly into various networking sites where their targeted audiences are. They then observe the browsing history and the behavior history, thereby, enabling them to show their advertisement directly to buyers.

How to Use Behavioral Targeting to Achieve Various Goals

Behavioral targeting when applied has generated successful results. Here are some useful ways on how to use behavioral targeting to achieve marketing goals.

  • Search engine brings better target visitors: Even if you have a very carefully crafted SEO strategy, a solid landing page, etc, how traffic arrives is decided by the search engines. The search terms can bring you to the homepage of the site; it is the behavioral targeting that displays relevant content based on search and the browsing pattern.
  • Minimizes cart abandonment: Behavioral targeting is used to engage and re-engage visitors to the merchant site. By seeing the user’s navigation and the products he or she prefers, merchants can retarget users and offer customized products to restart the process of sales.
  • Initiate the process of a long lasting communication: If you plan to hook your customers and serve them better messages, behavioral targeting is the best method. It creates communication opportunities by offering user-specific deals and newsletter subscription.
  • Secure attention of indecisive potential customers: There are always few customers who visit ecommerce sites but never make a purchase. This they do for several reasons. Behavioral marketing push these customers a little by offering sales and special offers that they cannot resists.
  • Increase the order value in an average: Whenever a user explores the website of a ecommerce store, a navigation pattern emerges. These patterns can be used by companies to develop recommended product lists. When customer’s discovers interesting products, the numbers in average orders increase.

How Behavioral Targeting Implementation Help Sports365.in

Sports365.in had several technical glitches that required modification. For a complete renovation, the website required full functionality based on modern trends. Among several important features required to sustain a user-friendly e-commerce store, behavioral targeting implementation was done with utmost precision. Rasbor helped Sports365.in achieve new heights.

An admin dashboard was powered by the experts of Rasbor, where the administrators would be able to check individual as well as group browsing trends. The trends are depicted with the help of graphs. Understanding visitor and buyer behavior is much easy now. The site enjoys more visits and more sales.

Implement Behavioral Marketing For Increased Coverage

For any business, consumer satisfaction is of paramount importance and the concept of behavioral marketing is geared to narrow down consumer preferences and make advertising effective. If behavioral targeting is done strategically and in the proper fashion, advertisers can generate more potential leads who later convert to become loyal customers. In addition, this form of marketing also provides a great deal of satisfaction to visitors and existing customers.

Behavioral targeting is an excellent aspect of E-commerce, which can be used for increasing the effectiveness of the brand through social media, search engines and all other new web technologies currently available. In this world of digitization, this marketing form gives a new but familiar touch to business.

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Why Should You Use Behavioral Targeting For Better Sales