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Will Chatbots replace Customer Service Representatives?



Yes, you read that right. Chatbots have been becoming a part of the system nowadays for many of the companies. Their work is to replace the customer service representatives. But, will it really work? Let’s discuss it in detail.

In place of human interaction, chat bots can do the work but on a limited basis. In fact, customers prefer humans over chat bots as they can easily differentiate between the two. In this rapidly changing industry, chabots would, however be welcomed in the coming years.

People are finding more ways which are more easy and efficient to find things online, order a product or book for a service from the comfort of their homes. They are not bothered that whether they are helped on by a real human being or an automated chat bot.

The Advantages

The benefits that the chat bot has over the humans are significant. For example, if we want to look at a customer’s profile in detail, a chat bot will do it much quickly as compared to the time spent by a human. So chat bots have an advantage of looking into the history of the client through the database of the registered users in much less time along with more precision.

Another advantage of chat bots can be seen as customers prefer text-based interactions through Messenger applications instead of voice assistants like Apple’s Siri or Okay Google. The reason for this is simple, voice based assistant cannot help up to desired accuracy.


The challenge is however a big one, to make the chat bot more human like. With the information readily available, it would be easier to provide quick and efficient service to the customers.

How it will benefit your Business? 

According to a survey by Oracle, 80% of the respondents said that they will shift towards the chat bots by the year 2020. Another 48% said that they already use automation technology for things like sales, marketing and customer service.

It, however impacts to workforce as it would be replaced by these chat bots for certain business processes. Automation in certain customer management processes will also lead to considerable reduction in customer service departments. As the chat bot is capable of handling thousand chats simultaneously, the companies will still not need workforce even if customer base grows to a significant number. This is a cost effective approach for the companies as the business grows. The expected savings by automating the business processes in US only is a whooping $23 billion per year.

As artificial intelligence comes into bright picture, the real benefits come intangibly as well by efficient customer management, sales, marketing, reporting and communication.

The world of chat bots or robot customer service would be efficient, precise and brisk. They can work at any times of the day, are cheaper to implement and can be trained instantly. Moreover, they will not ask for any leaves!

The likelihood of automation of customer service jobs is 91 percent, means that it would be completely replaced by bots or robots to take care of the process.

We have also become more comfortable with handling machines while communicating with businesses in our day to day activities.

In the Banking sector also, AI bots have been tried and tested to handle customer’s queries. RBS, for example is said to introduce an AI chat bot called Luvo to deal with day to day customer problems like stolen bank debit or credit cards and forgotten pins or passwords.

Many food chains in US have also implemented this solution, this way users can easily order food online for themselves or for their coworkers. The bot will not only help you with the orders simply but will also provide recommendations based on your food preferences.

The advantage of bots over humans

One of the advantages of bots over humans would be that users would no longer face a rude customer service representative. Customer will focus on getting their task done by bots.

It is also beneficial for the employees. When it comes to managing relationships, call centre employees or customer service representatives fail to maintain healthy home relationships as compared to other workforce. So by replacing them with chat bots, they would be compelled to upgrade themselves and manage their life in a more efficient way.

Another advantage is breaking out of the same monotonous routine. The customer service employees are tired of answering same questions on a daily basis. With the chat bots, this issue will be eliminated.

It is frustrating for customers, if call gets cut in the middle of a conversation with human raps, and customer has to explain everything again to new customer raps. Chatbot will have humongous advantageous as bots can remember everything of last call.

The human raps will co-exist with bots

Human raps will co-exist with Bots as bots will provide context and data to human employees thereby helping both the customer and the human raps by making their experience a smooth ride.

Although, the history has shown that automation has taken place of humans in industries like manufacturing, it has not impacted overall unemployment levels significantly.

In fact, it compels the human employees to upgrade their skills for superior customer service; as a result, new jobs will be born.

The latest example can be of a Facebook artificially intelligent smart phone assistant M. It sits within the Facebook Messenger app and can complete tasks for you. However, the AI is trained and supervised by humans. The bot M is set to handle simple queries while the humans handle the more complex ones.

The Future of bots

The chat bots is a reality. They are evolving very fast. Industries like retail and call centre/BPOs will eventually utilize the power of automated bots to handle the work related to customer service, but in a combination with human employees who will be handling complex queries whereas bots, the simple ones.

Finally, there will be a need for specialized salespeople, engineers and designers who will be responsible for designing, building, repairing and maintain these bots in an event of their break down. So, there would be more specialized, highly skilled new jobs available for humans to look for in the future.

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Will Chatbots replace Customer Service Representatives?